Are Your Private DMs Really Private? Once On Internet, Always On Internet


Coronavirus lockdown has forced us to rely heavily on apps and services to stay connected with our friends and families. Most of the people that I know use services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram DM, FB Messenger, and more.

Are Your Private DMs Really Private?

Most of these services are free to use and they won't charge a penny and there no limitation as well. So, how do these services make money, especially when they have to pay for software engineers, cloud storage services to offer these services?

Information Is The New Currency

Do you know you can access all your chats on multiple devices in no time? Most of these instant messaging services use cloud services to store data. The data will be stored in a data center, which could be located in the same country or even beyond borders.

Hence, you can access all your texts on any device with an active internet connection. That's not all, even the credentials of these apps and services will also be saved on the same cloud platform. Though it is not accessible to end-users, the company that stores the data can always access it whenever they want.

So, think twice before sending a private picture or a text on any of the DM messaging services. That service could either be free or paid one. In fact, even if you delete a media or a text from your conversation, there is a chance that a backup will always be stored on the cloud, which a company or an authority can easily access.

Once you send something online, it will always be online no matter what, it could be a screenshot, or as a data backup in some remote data centers. As we depend more and more on the internet, it is really scary to think about how our personal data is used. On top of that, it is almost impossible not using a service like that, especially in 2021.


Most of the data is currently used to push personalized ads and services. Though we cannot completely stop using these services, we could always limit ourselves to use these services for regular conversations.

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