Artificial intelligence can benefit the governments: Microsoft

Another way of utilizing this new technology.

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We have seen how AI or Artificial intelligence is playing a key role in modern devices. Now it's the turn of governments to benefit from its features.

Artificial intelligence can benefit the governments: Microsoft

Regarding this new technology, Dave Forstrom, director of communications for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) group at Microsoft, says PTI, "We are seeing that governments are benefitting through Artificial Intelligence and are able to bring (governance) closer to people in their countries." There is no doubt in Artificial Intelligence taking modern devices to entirely different level.

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On the sidelines of the Microsoft's annual developers conference Build 2017, he says, "In terms of helping create good governance we're seeing an approach industry-wide right now where it's focused on ethical design and those principles that will help to really govern that."

He says that the company is having partnerships with the governments regarding this matter. That is, they are working with many governments on this AI technology which include bots and cognitive services.

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Forstrom adds, "We're seeing organizations, we're seeing governments, Singapore being one of them, where they've actually been working on creating bots where people can come to their bot through their website and be able to access any information that they want. They can ask questions, it really shortens the process and the interaction between government and customer."

Other than this, AI technologies can be used in fields like public health, law and order, education and even city sanitation and cleanliness. When it comes to India, this technology is utilized for the improvement of agriculture and sowing by Microsoft.

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Speaking about the Indian market, he says, "It's a great example of what we're doing in India where we're actually using the power of AI to help farmers determine best times for seeding and for sowing their crops. And they're seeing 30 per cent return from it."

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