Artificial intelligence might soon face depression, hallucination

Artificial intelligence might have psychological issues in future.

    Artificial intelligence is the fastest growing technology at the time, as several big firms have started dibbing their hands in the new waters, poised to develop the smartest AI systems. As exciting as it sounds, the AI also raises concerns about the future of mankind. Several people who hold good knowledge on the topic have alarmed us about the consequences our future generations may face due to artificial intelligence. This also includes AI taking over the human race and become an invincible dictator.

    Artificial intelligence might soon face depression, hallucination


    Now, a well-known neuroscientist Zachary Mainen has said that it's totally possible that future AI programs may end up suffering similar neurological and phycological issues that humans do. But this could happen only when the AI reaches the same level of intellect as the humans.

    It's imperative to know how the human brain works. It involves a huge number of variables and even the slightest thing going wrong with the brain chemistry can result in depression, migraines, hallucination, and other effects that aren't healthy for the human brain.

    The neuroscientist believes that the kind of self-modifying code bases that the AI neural networks are built on can wind up in similar psychological situations. He says that most of his ideas come from a field of study called computational psychiatry, where the psychiatrists study the AI programs deeply when they are put in similar conditions as the human brain.

    Mainen explains that if something goes wrong with the Serotonin, a chemical inside the human brain, it shows signs of hallucinations an depression. Something similar can happen to the AI program that uses neurochemistry as a basis to function like a human brain.

    This might sound like science fiction at first, but it doesn't seem impossible. Well, this could a possibility if the AI reaches the same level of operation as the human brain.


    Recently, Tesla co-founder, Elon Musk also said that in the age of AI, humans can create "an immortal dictator from which we would never escape." Musk can be seen saying this in the latest documentary called "Do You Trust This Computer?"

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    In 2017, Musk warned that AI could be responsible for World War III. Later he also suggested the government to regulate the technology as it could be "the greatest risk we face as a civilization."

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