Facts about Google's secretive 5G internet drone - Project Skybender

    Now if you guys were thinking that 4G is the fastest and most advanced form of network then think again. Google is currently working on creating a more advanced network 5G wireless internet access. So here are all facts that you need to know about Google's Project Skybender.

    Facts about Google's secretive 5G internet drone - Project Skybender

    Google is currently using the Gateway to Space terminal to keep the drones and support aircrafts. The terminal was designed by Richard Foster for the most ambitious project Virgin Galactic spaceflights. Google is currently paying $1000 a day for the use of 15,000 square feet of hanger space.

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    Google has also built its own dedicated flight control centre at the nearby Space flight Operations Centre.

    Google is using drones to experiment with millimetre-wave radio transmissions. High frequency millimetre waves can theoretically transmit gigabits of data every second, up to 40 times more than today's 4G LTE systems.

    Samsung said it delivered speeds of 1GB per second using 5G, meaning that you could probably download a whole movie in less than a second.

    Facts about Google's secretive 5G internet drone - Project Skybender

    The millimetre wave transmissions have a much shorter range than 4G phone signal. To get millimetre wave working from a high-flying drone, Google needs to experiment with focused transmissions called phased array.

    Google's vision is to send out thousands of high altitude 'self-flying aircraft' delivering internet access around the world.

    It is also being tested with an "optionally piloted" aircraft called Centaur as well as solar-powered drones made by Google Titan. Google formed this division with a New Mexico start-up called Titan Aerospace that was acquired by the giant in 2014. Titan built high-altitude solar-powered drones with wingspans of up to 50 metres.

    Facts about Google's secretive 5G internet drone - Project Skybender

    The aircraft will be also using White Sands Missile Range during the tests.

    Google has a similar project called Project Loon where they plan to deliver wireless internet using unpowered balloons floating through the stratosphere. This project was basically designed for the under-privileged countries and the news is in 2016 a bunch of balloons will take flight in Indonesia.

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    There's also Google's Project Wing that plans to deliver packages thus facilitating the delivery services in various fields like E-commerce, Medical and etc.

    Facts about Google's secretive 5G internet drone - Project Skybender

    However 5G isn't expect to be available for the common public until 2020 at the earliest.

    But both Project Loon and Project Skybender are hugely ambitious projects and they have the capability to dramatically change how we will access the Internet in the future.

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