Firefox 53 for PCs and Android includes 'Quantum Compositor'

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Firefox Mozilla has now released Firefox 53 for Android phones as well as PCs supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux in it. Desktop users can easily download this by visiting whereas, Android users may have to wait for some time.

Firefox 53 for PCs and Android includes 'Quantum Compositor'

Android users will have to check for an update in Google Play Store to confirm it. This update includes the first significant piece of Project called as Quantum Compositor and other noticeable changes such as the inclusion of two new themes for the desktop. The main intention behind introducing Quantum compositor is to essentially reduce the number of browser crashes.

It flattens all the layers of graphics into one image to determine what you view on your screen. The layer of graphics are nothing but the work done by the browser and flattening is done similar to how Photo editing tools combine layers.

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The Quantum Compositor is said to be super-fast because it runs on the GPU instead of the CPU. Regarding its work, the company says," Because of occasional bugs in underlying device drivers, the graphics compositor can sometimes crash. By running the Quantum Compositor in a separate process, if it crashes, it won't bring down all of the Firefox, or even your current tab."

The company confirms that the browser crashes will be reduced by 10 percent because of the compositor. Currently, this feature will be enabled only for PCs having Windows 10, 8, and 7 with the Platform Update, and also on computers supporting graphics cards from Intel, Nvidia, or AMD.

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It also states that graphics compositing is very stable on mac Operating System, so it does not require any separate process for the Quantum compositor. Let us see what are the other important features introduced in this update.

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Compact themes

This update introduces two new themes called as Compact Light and Compact Dark. Compact Light maintains Firefox's default light color scheme and also shrinks the browser's user interface size.

On the other hand, the Compact Dark theme helps you in browsing safely so it does not strain your eyes especially when you are browsing in the dark. It does so by inverting the colors based on surrounding light.

One just has to choose Add-ons in menu button and then select the Appearance panel to activate any one of these themes.

Compact tabs

For Android update, it offers compact tab option. This new option lets you view all the opened tabs in two columns, instead of one.

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This helps the user to easily switch the tabs when several websites are open. This feature can be activated by heading to the General option under Settings.

Control website's permission

Firefox 53 has redesigned the interface so that one can easily manage website permissions. That is, when you visit any website which would like to access some sensitive hardware information or would like to send you a notification, then a dialog box will appear now which explicitly mentions the permissions that website is requesting.

This will help us in managing the permission easily by a single click of a button. If you wish to change any site's permissions, then you just have to click the ‘i' icon located in the Awesome Bar.


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This is not the end, even HTML5 audio and video contents are given a new look now. Along with various security fixes, it provides you with Reader Mode which lets you estimate the time required to read any page.

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One can also send tabs between desktop and mobile Firefox just by right-clicking the tab. It has also strengthened the security by using TLS 1.3 for HTTPs connections. For detailed information, you can visit their official page and see what more it is offering now.

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