Google Error Message Spotted On Search: Is Google Facing An Outage?


Google is one of the most widely used platforms, especially in India. The regional language support offered by Google has opened doors for people to explore more on the search engine. However, there seems to be an issue with Google today, December 1. Google error and Google outage have been trending on Twitter as well.

Google Error Message Spotted On Search: Is Google Facing An Outage?

Google Error Spotted

When you open your Chrome or any other browser, the Google homepage is certainly loading. You can also type or speak the key search word or phrase as well. But what happens next is causing confusion and worries among the global Google community.

When I searched for the latest updates regarding the Omicron variant, I received a message saying: "Server Error. We're sorry but it appears that there has been an internal server error while processing your request. Our engineers have been notified and are working to resolve the issue. Please try again later."

At first, I believed only particular key search words and phrases were being affected. However, all search words are facing trouble as the entire Google server is down. Moreover, the Google error issue isn't limited to just India but several people across the world are facing similar troubles.

Google Error Message Spotted On Search: Is Google Facing An Outage?

In fact, Twitter has a trending hashtag #GoogleError. The error message from Google is also appearing in multiple languages, depending on the user's region and settings. From the looks of it, the Google error issue could be an outage the popular tech giant is facing.

After Facebook, Google Is Facing An Outage

The Google error issue could be due to an outage the company is facing. In fact, the number of outages that tech giants are facing is on the rise. Recent incidents at Facebook are an example. On the other hand, Google's other services like Gmail, Google Drive, and so on are functioning normally.


The only issue seems to be with Google Search, which we hope to get fixed soon. Currently, there's no official report or tweet update from Google regarding the error. Since more and more people are complaining about the issue, we might expect an official update soon.

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