Google has launched the news Feed feature globally

Google news feed has been rolled out for Android users throughout the globe. Earlier the feature was only available for Android users in the US only and was introduced in July 2017.

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Google's Feed feature is now available on Android smartphones throughout the globe. The feed will show relevant news to users according to their interests. Google has used machine learning to generate news feed for each individual according to their interests. Android users in the US were introduced to the feature in July 2017.

Google has launched the news Feed feature globally

The feed feature will soon be made available for the Google app on iOS as well. The feature is also available on the Pixel Launcher.

The feeds aren't simply generated by keeping a track of user's previous searches but in fact, it keeps a track of user's activities throughout the day. User's web activity coupled with app activity and location data contributes to the generation of the relevant news feed that resonate with his/her interests.

Moreover, these feeds are customizable as well. Users can change their interests from the settings and can choose their interests manually. Google also provides the option to remove a certain news from the news feed. There is also an option to block certain publications and interests.

When the app was launched in the US, Ben Gomes, vice president for engineering had stated, "This feed is really about your interests. It's not really about what your friends are interested in."
Gomes was actually taking a dig at Facebook's pattern of stories and posts that are displayed on user's walls.

Google had launched the improved news feed on July 19, 2017, in the US. The feature is now available globally, however, iOS users need to turn on the feed from settings.

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