Google knows your dirty secrets!

No more guilty pleasures!

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Thinking about logging on to your favorite porn site? You may want to rethink your decision as Google will be putting its foot in the middle. Well, it seems that Google not only knows that you search for pornographic content but is also going to poke you when you are watching too much of it.

Google knows your dirty secrets!

Most people prefer to use the incognito mode while surfing porn as their browsing history doesn't get saved on the PC. However, from now on if you use this mode too much or open many incognito tabs in Google chrome, you will find a winking smiley face at the corner of the screen. Regardless of the device, you are using, be it desktop or phone, the smiley face will automatically pop up.

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While this could be a well-intended step taken by Google to keep us from porn addiction, people are definitely having a sense of guilt due to this. On a more serious note, it could be an invasion of the users' privacy.

But how does Google know that you are going incognito to surf porn? Is Google keeping a track on us? Probably not, but it definitely has the idea that generally people use incognito modes for that purpose only.

However, incognito modes can be used for different reasons like shopping, banking, making payments etc. as well. Apparently, Google is targeting users who have too many incognito modes open with a naughty message. Until now, Google's message only appears on the Android version.

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