Google Wishes Happy Holidays with Tis the season! Doodle

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Google has put out a Google Doodle today. Today's Google Doodle is made by Doodle artist Doodle artist Robinson Wood has created several festive characters and items that were inspired by papercraft models and cut outs. ' Tis the season! Google Doodle celebrates the beginning of the Christmas Holidays of 2015. The Google Doodle was explained by Google and deciphered by The Telegraph.

Google Wishes Happy Holidays with Tis the season! Doodle
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The Doodle celebrates craft and origami or rather papercraft models and cut outs. The Doodle shows animals like Cats, Owls and Rabbits and parrot among others.

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The Google Doodle shows Paper cutouts. It is primarily to celebrate paper in all its forms. The paper was first invented in China, before the printing press was first started by Gutenberg. We have today reached the age od Printers and finally come to the age of all things digital. Though, the paper still can't be ruled out in its existing forms. Civilisation as we know, evolved from paper to what ever it has become today in the digital age.

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