James Webb Space Telescope At It Again; Snaps The Most Distant Star


NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has done it yet again. The space telescope started its operations just days ago but has managed to capture some never-seen-before images. This time, JWST has snapped the most distant star in the known universe, which is around 12.9 billion light-years away. Despite it being a tiny dot on a huge canvas, it is a sight to behold for space enthusiasts.

James Webb Space Telescope At It Again; Snaps The Most Distant Star

A group of astronomers known as Cosmic Spring JWST took to Twitter to share the new image of the star called Earendel, named after a character in JRR Tolkien’s novel “The Silmarillion.” They also pointed out the fact that it is the most distant star in the known universe.

Building Upon Legendary Hubble’s Data

However, this image captured by the James Webb Space Telescope isn’t the first one. Earendel was first spotted by the legendary Hubble Space Telescope, back in March. NASA, at the time, said that the star existed within the first billion years following the events of the Big Bang.

The star is situated in the Cetus constellation, which is located in the Sunshine Arc galaxy. The name of the galaxy is derived from its crescent shape. The James Webb Space Telescope spotted Earendel using the gravitational lensing method. It took advantage of the massive galaxy clusters bending the light from objects that are behind them.

Star Alignment Played Huge Role In Observation

The distant star aligned perfectly with the cluster in the front. "That’s a really lucky alignment," said Dan Coe at the Space Telescope Science Institute during an interview with New Scientist. "Nobody’s ever seen a star this highly magnified, not to mention a galaxy."

Capturing the image of the distant star is something that will go down in the history books. The star is more than 10 billion light-years more distant than the next-furthest star astronomers have observed, as per the New Scientist report. And, thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, there will be many such never-seen-before images that will help researchers understand the universe better.

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