LiveTree is world’s first blockchain based entertainment platform

Livetree harnesses the power of blockchain to reinvent how film and television content is produced and delivered to the audience.


The entertainment industry is booming all over the world with a multitude of options for its ever-increasing audience. Technological advancements being the backbone of entertainment, the audience is now evolving to developed modes of procuring content. The modes through which we consume content on different screens have changed, and content has become accessible on every platform, in different ways. But, there has always been one issue that the content distributors have not cared to solve, or have maintained for the users to be limited to the centralization of the content availability.

LiveTree is world’s first blockchain based entertainment platform


There have been minimal attempts at making this sector a decentralized and open one until now. Due to content gatekeepers, content has been restricted based on how are they profiting from it, and not letting the users choose what they would want to watch. This limits the choices of the audience and also content diversity. There's no proper way of funding, content creation, and distribution but now, LiveTree ADEPT has worked on a platform that can end such woes.

Livetree set out with a vision to democratize and decentralize film and TV content by giving the power to viewers, allowing them to support the projects they trust in. It presents to its users a unique and socially responsible crowdfunding platform that successfully captured 5% market share, becoming one of UK's leading crowdfunding platforms. It harnesses the power of blockchain to reinvent how film and television content is produced and delivered to the audience.

LiveTree is world’s first blockchain based entertainment platform


Livetree also provides another incentive to its users to help growth of content as well as their creators. They recognized that one of the most effective ways to market content has to be personal recommendations. Time-tested, this system has been embedded in their crowdfunding platform called 'Branching Out,' in line with the LiveTree imagery. This system provides project creators to dedicate a portion of the money they raise through Livetree to bloggers, influencers, and individuals if they undertake to refer a project to their network. In simple terms, any individual who refers a project to a contact, that contact will earn a commission percentage on the money subsequently pledged.

Brancher can refer-a-friend to a project simply by sharing it online through any social channel and earn a commission fixed by the project creator. Project creators can

also dedicate a percentage of the funds they raise to a non-profit organization, which incentivizes the latter to market their work and makes the creator a socially responsible entity.

Livetree ADEPT (Advanced Decentralized Platform for Transparent distribution) supports projects throughout their entire life cycle, from creation through distribution to funding. It aims to incentivize branchers, backers, consumers and any other interested party to help content projects. Hence harnessing the network effect to accelerate the project's value and unlock its maximum potential regarding popularity and success.

Since its launch in 2016, it has transmuted into the world's first blockchain-based funding and distribution platform for film and content creators. Blossom TV, Livetree's own Netflix style online channel for content creators ends woes of audiences regarding distribution process, all thanks to the power of blockchain.

Hence, Livetree solves three primary issues of the entertainment industry; creation of content, funding, and distribution through its robust system of blockchain, audience targeting, facilitation of easy remittances through their digital tokens called seeds and providing the audience what they want to see.

A platform by, for and from the audience itself, Livetree can completely change the entertainment industry on blockchain's secure network. The token sale is live on the platform.

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