Making Web Applications Safer For Business with Safehack Me

By Gizbot Bureau

More companies exist today on the World Wide Web than in the physical world. Therefore, the adage 'detection is prevention' holds true the most in case of data safety, especially in this age of online transactions and interactions, because the whole world is literally living through electronic devices. In the year 2020 alone, 87% of Indian companies admitted to being victims of network security breach, according to security solutions provider Barracuda's report released 2 weeks ago. The incidents of hacking have increased with a higher network security breaches happening because more staff members are working from home, on an insecure network. The situation demands a robust solution, which can only be provided by companies like "Safehack Me."

Making Web Applications Safer For Business with Safehack Me

Safehack Me is a unique Start-up providing cyber security services in New Zealand and India. However, it excels in manual web app "pentesting" - i.e., Penetration Testing, which alerts new companies and established ones about the vulnerabilities in their network system. These vulnerabilities might include bugs, loopholes, etc, which might expose the company to losses in the future. In addition, Safehack Me will also help a Start-up ensure its compliance with international standards, protected & certified security systems in place, and take care of high-risk issues. All this is done through a trusted team led by Founder Yushank Tyagi and Co-Founder Mukundsinh Solanki.

Web applications have become the basic necessity for every company or business these days. Thus, the role of Safehack Me's pentesting methodologies, buoyed by a vast amount of security checks, includes a multi-level inspection of your web application and making it ready for the world. From running information gathering tools to test various aspects like Configuration Security, Secure Transmission, Authentication, Session Management, Authorisation, Cryptography Security, Data Input Validation, and Denial of Service.

With the world moving to online presence with every passing second, especially owing to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, your web applications require the safety net provided by Safehack Me to keep the operations safe! Find out more about them on the company website - Safehack Me.

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