Omni-channel retail technology: Is this the future of buying goods in India?

The technology empowers enterprises with digital transformation to offer a unified buying experience to consumers

By Rohit

Digitization is the key to survive in the market in the modern world. The digital technologies are changing the face of businesses, which ultimately have to transform their work processes to meet customer satisfaction.

Omni-channel retail technology can change the way we purchase goods


For instance, we are already experiencing a digital shift in industries such as automation, education, medical, hospitality, design, etc. with more climbing the ladder of digital makeover as we talk.

Retail is another sector that is undergoing a digital makeover by adopting 'Omni-channel retail technology'. This new term empowers simple brick-and-mortar retail outlets to adopt new sophisticated digital methods across web, mobile, social and IoT platforms to engage consumers in buying process.

Something Amazon showed us last year with its Amazon Go stores, however an omni-channel retail store technology is much more than that and involves much complex processes.

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To simplify the term, let's take the example of ShepHertz, a Gurgaon based company that has created a customized app and a website to highlight how typical buyer journey usually happens these days.

Siddhartha Chandurkar, Founder and CEO of ShepHertz, highlights the typical buying process of a consumer to explain the new technology, "People start surfing on the web, then go to the store to check out that product, but end up purchasing on the app because of discounts and offers and eventually share the feedback on social media".

Omni-channel retail technology can change the way we purchase goods


This is where retail stores start losing the battle against online counterparts as they lack the digital infrastructure to match the modern business needs, something ShepHertz wants to change. And how the firm plans to do it? Read to find out more.

How retail stores can utilize omni-channel technology to simplify buying experience?

The omni-channel retail stores could keep track of user history and know when the user is stepping in the store after viewing any product on the website. The omni-channel apps can collect customer data and provide essential insights on user behavior, which is the key to figure out the customer's preferences.

ShepHertz has worked out a platform- App42 that provides enterprises with a single view of the customers across all channels and helps in seamless transition of user data for cross-platform personalized customer experience.

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The company's App42 platform uses features like deep segmentation, geo-fencing, graphical user journey, comprehensive user profile, beacon based notifications, prediction and sentiment analysis to get the job done.

Besides, the company's app and website offers a deep dive of how technology can be embraced for transforming this customer journey and retail experience digitally.

The technology was showcased in the recently concluded 'Microsoft Future Decoded' event in Mumbai. The idea was to display omni-channel retail experience where enterprises could see how the seamless transition of data happens in action.

Omni-channel retail technology can change the way we purchase goods

What we have to say?

Reaching out to consumers at the right time and with the right offers is the key in today's times, and the omni-channel retail solution by ShepHertz tries to achieve the same. If the retail outlets have all the information about consumer's taste and can present the right offers at right time, half the job is already done.

And it is not just about the retail market, other sectors like hospitality, education, manufacturing, services, etc. are and can utilize the technology for better user experience. Such kind of platform enables marketers to launch use cases and campaigns in days instead of months without having dependency on the development team or external development agencies.

This can help enterprises to realize the Digitization roadmap by putting them on a continual transformation path.

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