Scientists Discover 22 New Animal Species Under Ice Sheets Of Antarctica


Can a human survive in a colder environment say, at 1-degree centigrade without any gears or gizmos? Because, humans are warm-blooded animals, and our bodies, without proper protection, would lose all the energy while trying to maintain the ambient temperature of 37-degree centigrade.

Scientists Discover 22 New Animal Species In Antarctica

On the contrary, there are plants and animals that can even survive in extreme weather conditions, where the temperature is measured in negative. Scientists have discovered life under the thick sheets of ice in the Arctic region, which can be called yet another wonder of this nature.

Two British scientists -- James Smith and Paul Anke have now reported that there are at least 22 unknown animals, including barnacles, which are relatable to crabs and lobsters.

To do this, the duo has drilled over 900 meters of thick ice and sent a camera to find mud on the seabed. To their surprise, they have found new animals along with 16 new types of sponges. The report suggests that it is the first time life has been found under the Antarctic ice sheet.

According to Huw Griffiths from British Antarctic Survey, those unknown animals are likely to be filter feeders that survive using the nutrient source from the cold water (negative 2-degree centigrade). As of now, there is no clarity regarding these animals and their lifespan.

Scientists think that due to global warming and the melting of ice, these animals might not be able to adapt to the newer environment, thus, we might lose them forever even before discovering them. Griffiths is also interested in studying these creatures to understand more about them, which is going to be very challenging, given, they live under 900 meters of ice, that too at negative 2-degree centigrade. Here is a video that shows the actual animals found under the thick Antarctic ice sheet.



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