eSign PDF Documents Online With Free Electronic Signature

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For donkey's years, we have become accustomed to working together in one location, passing files around and executing projects. However, it seems remote work has soon become the new normal and one thing that's helped businesses scale through unscathed in this time is the ability to store and sign documents online.


Using online signature apps like CocoSign, team members can sign and fax papers seamlessly to their colleagues and clients. These free electronic signature apps are not only time-efficient but easy to use even for non-techie individuals.

In this article, we will be taking a broader look at how to sign PDF free with e-signatures, and the differences between electronic and digital signatures, among others.

eSign PDF Documents Online With Free Electronic Signature

Part 1: How To Sign PDF Documents Online?

Signing PDFs online should be pretty easy, convenient and hassle-free if one goes by the right e-signing solution. Taking CocoSign as an example, this is how to sign a PDF online.

Upload document:

To get started, drag the PDF file and drop it into the highlighted area in the CocoSign window. Another option is clicking the 'choose file' button. From here, you can pick the PDF file and upload to the platform.

eSign PDF Documents Online With Free Electronic Signature

Sign Documents:

Afterward, click on the document to open it. This action should open a dialog box within which you can sign using a mouse, stylus pen or trackpad. Alternatively, upload an already scanned image of your signature to the dialog box window.

eSign PDF Documents Online With Free Electronic Signature

Download Document:

Once you're done signing and have clicked 'Done' to save changes to the document, you can proceed to download the PDF. You can either download the document remotely to your device or store on the cloud.

Although most online signature providers support several other formats, most businesses prefer to use PDF formats when signing documents. Here is why:

• Non-text elements like hyperlinks can be integrated into PDF files rather seamlessly

• They can be password-protected

• They have compact file sizes compared to other formats

• Document format remains the same regardless of how many times it is shared.

Part 2: Who May Need To Sign PDF With Electronic Signatures?

Here are some of the most popular use cases of free document signing applications

• Sales contracts:

There is a greater potential of closing deals faster when you use online signatures. They therefore come in handy for businesses that deal with sales contracts on a regular basis. The sales contract may include real estate transactions and B2B sales.

• New customer forms:

Rather than print out forms and have customers sign the documents, you can have them fill out the forms online and sign them accordingly. Businesses that adopt this ploy include clinics and spas, among others.

• Filing tax returns:

Filing tax returns can be a really tedious process. It is for this reason that the IRS encourages brands and businesses to file their returns online. It is not only a more convenient process but guarantees them a faster return.

• Legal industry:

Daily, legal practitioners and attorneys deal with a lot of paperwork. E-signing documents saves them a lot of time they could plough into something more productive. They are also extremely useful for class action cases.

• Supplier and vendor agreements:

Negotiations are an integral part of the day-to-day transactions of small-scale businesses. Small-scale vendors and their suppliers always have to reach an agreement on deals, prices and delivery arrangements. E-signatures are a simpler and more convenient way than traditional wet ink signatures for sealing such deals.

You should consider incorporating the use of PDF signature and electronic signature applications into your workflow if you need;

• To optimize contract workflows
• To cut down on printing and mailing costs
• A simple solution
• Convenience and speed in your dealings
• A high level of security on online transactions or agreements

eSign PDF Documents Online With Free Electronic Signature

Part 3: Electronic Signature V.S. Digital Signature

Electronic signature and digital signature might both be online signatures but with unique characteristics that distinguish them from each other.

An electronic signature might be a recorded voice, symbol or typed word used to indicate agreements with the terms and conditions of a record.

A digital signature involves a lot more. It is usually encrypted using a set of mathematical algorithms. This encryption is done for two reasons - to authenticate the identity of the signatory and discourage modification of the document after signing.

Digital signatures incorporate Personal Key Infrastructure (PKI) into the signing process to identify the signatories to the document. To identify the signatories through its unique identification process, PKI makes use of one private and one public key.

However, both signatories to the document must have obtained a digital certificate from a certificate authority beforehand. This certificate is what links the signer with their signature.

There are other types of online signature asides electronic and digital signatures. They include click-to-sign, blockchain and biometric signatures.

Click-to-sign signatures:

Here, there is no cryptographic protection of the document. All that is needed to show approval is typing names, ticking boxes or e-squiggles. However, like all other e-signatures, the legal principles of intent, consent, attribution and association still apply.


Although its original use was only restricted to the cryptocurrency world, it is beginning to find footing in other industries as well. This signature type is mostly used for finding out how authentic a transaction is using a distributed ledger.

Biometric signature:

This is simply the use of details obtained from the body to verify the authenticity of the signatories to a document. This includes the use of eye scans, fingerprints, face ID, hand geometry and biosign-ID.

Part 4: Key Considerations In Choosing A Suitable PDF Signer

Are you ready to better your document signing process? If so, it is time you took out time to find the best esignature free solution for your brand. But before then, these are some of the considerations you should make.


Before settling for a PDF signature solution, you want to be sure this solution can fit in seamlessly into your current workflow and processes. Some signature solutions have systems and technology that can help you integrate electronic signatures into your content marketing model etc.


Before pitching your tent with an electronic signature free solution, take time to go through the reviews of past users. This way, you can tell how flexible and authentic their services are. It also gives you an insight as to whether their signatures are legal binding and secure. After going through these reviews, make sure you stick only with e-signature companies that have a long-standing untainted reputation. Only then can you be assured of being in safe hands.

Document format:

An important consideration to make is whether or not the e-signature provider supports the document format you want to sign.


For your e-signatures to be considered legally binding and valid, it must be provided by an online signing solution that complies with international laws.


All applications are going mobile and you should too. Since most of your customers are clients looking to sign documents on the go from the comfort of their smartphone and tablet, you should consider an e-signing solution that allows them to sign batches of documents from their mobile. The app or web design of the online signing platform should be mobile friendly and easy to use as well.

Final Take!

To speed up paperwork, improve productivity and foster collaboration, there's been a call for brands to integrate the use of e-signatures into their workflow. Online signing solutions like CocoSign are not only simple to use and intuitive but also secure and reliable

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