Space X's Starship Successfully Lands In Third Attempt But Blasts Minutes Later


Space X, the private American aerospace agency has finally landed its biggest rocket -- Starship N10 in its third attempt. However, this good news came didn't last long, as the rocket burst into flames within the minutes of landing.

Space X's Starship Successfully Lands In Third Attempt


Starship is the biggest rocket, which is 120 meters in height. It is designed to carry more payload per travel when compared to regular space rockets from the company. It is designed to be reused and is powered by a super-heavy first-stage booster.

What Went Wrong With Starship N10?

As of now, there is no official statement from the company on why the rocket turned into a fireball. Do note that, at the time of landing, the SpaceX crew commented that it was "A Beautiful Soft Landing".

If you look at the official landing video of the Starship N10, you won't be able to notice to accident part. However, many users have recorded the same and re-uploaded the footage, which showcases the incident in high-definition.

The First Two Starships Didn't Even Land

Though the climax of the 3rd Starship N10 prototype didn't go as everyone anticipated, it is still a good development, as the first two Starships didn't even land and turned into ashes in the air itself.

According to Elon, the Starships will be used to democratize space travel. Not just that, these space crafts are also expected to bring down the cost. When it comes to space technology, we are currently noticing some of the biggest leaps, especially from brands like SpaceX.


After the unfortunate incident, the boss of the company comment on a user's tweet saying "RIP SN10, honorable discharge", which indicates that the Starship N10 has served its purpose, and the space agency is likely to look into the matters and fix them to make stop the next Starship from blowing off.

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