This AI will make you a professional dancer

Artificial Intelligence wants to make you a dancing professional.


Can't dance to save your life? Worry no more -- now an AI will make you a dancing sensation. UC Berkeley researchers have developed a deep learning system that makes dance moves from a source video to less-than-experienced subjects.


The system uses an algorithm that creates a virtual skeleton to map poses, while two more algorithms square off against each other to generate the full picture and create a realistic face for subjects as virtual selves perform the dancing moves.

To get the reference material, the test subject will have to move around for a while, but the result will be realistic giving an amateur the skills of a professional dancer.

There's still a lot of work to be put in to make this AI fully ready. As of now, occasional jittering can be noticed alongside blurry details and sometimes even missing body parts. The team sometimes required the subjects to move in a specific direction to help the AI create the intended effect.

The dance moves shown in the video are relatively easy given the stance of the dancer and obvious movements. It might be tough to replicate other dancing forms such as break dancing where the standing positions might be different.

The potential use of the AI could raise ethical concerns. It'd be, however, used for parodies, or fun acts. You can make your friend do a locking-popping shuffle, or show kids how they look while performing a Fortnite dance. While all this sounds funny, it could be very well used to morph videos for personal attacks or propaganda, for instance, making a public figure deliver a rude gesture.

Speaking of what else AI could do, these AI scientists plan to extend our lives by boosting our NAD metabolism. Scientists call it the "linchpin of energy metabolism". NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a molecule found in all living cells that is crucial to converting food into cellular energy. It also keeps cognitive skills sharp and protects against life-threatening diseases, including cancer.


Because NAD molecules deteriorate sharply with age, many scientists are convinced that a supplement that keeps our NAD levels high will extend our lives significantly.

But so far most of what we know about NAD metabolism has come from the study of animals, not humans.

In addition, artificial intelligence, utilized to quicken the pace of many other types of drug discovery has not yet been utilized in any published studies of NAD metabolism.

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