What Is MQ 9B Drone? Why Is India Buying Them?


Indian Government is adding yet another fleet to its border security system, as it has confirmed to buy 30 MQ 9B drones from the US. So, what is the MQ 9B drone, and how it works? And why is India buying them in abundance? We're here to answer these questions.

What Is MQ 9B Drone? Why Is India Buying Them?


MQ 9B Drone Features

The MQ 9B drone is also an unmanned aerial vehicle and is used for defending, attacking, or surveilling. Don't get confused by the name drone, as a single MQ 9B drone will be as big as a charter flight, capable of carrying weapons. If you have watched movies like the Body of Lies, you could actually get an idea of how a drone similar to the MQ 9B might work.

The MQ 9B drone is also known as the MQ 9B SkyGuardian / SeaGuardian and is developed by the company called General Atomics Aeronautical. The drone can be controlled remotely. This is a highly modular product, which comes with features like detect and avoid system, built-in radar for navigation, and is also capable of offering search and rescue operation.

MQ 9B Technical Specifications

The MQ 9B can fly for 40 hours with a max speed of 210 KTAS. The drone is powered by the Honeywell TPE331-10 Turboprop with a payload capacity of 2177KG. The drone can produce a total power of 45 kVA, retrofitted with a backup capable of producing 2.2 kVA in emergencies.

Some of the features of the MQ 9B include GA-ASI Lynx Multi-mode Radar, De-ice/Anti-ice system, which means, this vehicle can sustain extreme flying conditions, and there is also a weaponized version of the same with Precision guided munitions. Just like flights, the MQ 9B is powered by a turbojet engine, making it easy to refill, unlike most drones, which run on battery.

What Is MQ 9B Drone? Why Is India Buying Them?


MQ 9B Drone Use Cases

MQ 9B drones will be mostly used in a highly risky situation, where one can't risk sending a regular aerial vehicle with a pilot. The MQ 9B drone will not only offer a remote controlling feature but, if something goes wrong, there will be no loss of life. Hence, most covert military operations are now carried out using an unmanned aerial vehicle rather than a fighter jet.

Drones like the MQ 9B can be fitted with anti-missile and radar components, which makes them invincible tools for any military operation. With the 30 MQ 9B coming to India, our fleet just got a lot more powerful, and it's definitely a proud moment for every India.

What Is MQ 9B Drone? Why Is India Buying Them?

MQ 9B Drone Price

MQ 9B drones are designed and developed in the US. India is buying 30 of these drones for a whopping $3billion, which means, a single MQ 9B drone will cost around $100million, which makes it one of the most expensive drones.

A single MQ 9B drone costs as much as a small flight, as these are built just like a flight, except, these don't have a cockpit. The rest of the features remain the same, and every one of the drones has to be built precisely with a very minimal margin of error, hence, they cost a lot of money.

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