Why Destroying Your Chinese Electronics Won’t Affect China One Bit


Due to the ongoing political rift between India and China, people across the country have started to destroy the electronic products such as smartphones, smart televisions, and other things as a part of #BoycottChina campaign.


Why Destroying Your Chinese Electronics Won’t Affect China One Bit

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are now filled with videos, where people are breaking things by stampeding or striking them with rods and sticks. Though it is one way to show frustration towards China but aren’t we just destroying our own hard-earned money?

No Logic In Destroying Already Owned Chinese Products

It sounds illogical when someone destroys a phone or television that they brought with hard-earned money. So, even though it might look like you are destroying a Chinese product, you are actually destroying your own property.

Once you buy a certain thing from a brand, that product becomes yours and you have all the authority over that unit. So, be smart, and don't let your anger make a decision that you might regret. Smartphones and smart TVs are just the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot of products that are coming from offshore.

If you truly want to boycott products from certain brands, then don't buy things from the brand. This will reduce the profits made by that company and it might foreclose its operation in India. Similarly, buy products from Indian brands. When our own brands get more sales they will be able to offer better products that can compete against Chinese brands.

This is not something that could happen in India. The aforementioned process will take years and we can expect to see changes in the coming years. Always remember "slow and steady wins the race" and then only we can achieve self-reliance.


Here are some of the videos related to the topic that are trending on the social media platform.

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