WikiLeaks reveals that CIA can see your WhatsApp messages

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WikiLeaks has released what is claimed to be the largest ever leak of secret intelligence documents. It has leaked 8,761 documents from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) along with some hacking arsenal.

WikiLeaks reveals that CIA can see your WhatsApp messages

WilkiLeaks has codenamed this release as Vault 7. These leaked documents those were released by WikiLeaks allege that a CIA program meant for surveillance targets everyday gadgets from smart TVs to cars. With such snooping, these devices can turn into recorders of the regular conversations. Also, it could circumvent the data-scrambling encryption on WhatsApp and other such communication apps.

Regarding the confidential documents, WikiLeaks claims that it received and released just a part of the documents while a vast trove of documents was leaked within the cyber security community. However, for now, neither the CIA not the While House have mentioned a word regarding the authenticity of these documents.

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Leaks CIA documents

This leaked CIA documents range from 2013 to 2016 and cover information about the operations of CIA and the code and other details of the hacking tools such as viruses, malware, weaponized zero day exploits, trojans, and malware remote control systems.

Sidestepping data encryption

WikiLeaks states that hacks let the CIA to collect messages from the data-scrambling communication apps like WhatsApp by intercepting the data before the encryption process. It is claimed that CIA hasn't compromised the apps but the phone's underlying OS. It looks like CIA had different teams to look out for vulnerabilities in Android phones and iPhones and also tablets such as iPads. WikiLeaks claims that these vulnerabilities were found either by the CIA or obtained from the cyberweapon contractors and other government agencies.

All the smart devices were likely targeted

As mentioned above, the targeted devices include even smart TVs and smartphones. One of the attacks detailed by WikiLeaks converts a Samsung Smart TV into a listening device. This is done by fooling the user to believe that the TV is switched off using a "Fake-Off" mode.

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