YouTube has changed search algorithm to mitigate false news in the aftermath of Las Vegas shooting

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YouTube has changed its algorithm that is related to the search results of videos available on its platform. The company has made the changes to display reliable sources of information while mitigating the less trustworthy and false or fake videos. YouTube made the changes after an uninformative video appeared in search results which was related to the violent attack in Las Vegas which killed 58 people and injured hundreds.

YouTube has changed search algorithm to mitigate false news

Reports suggest that a video appeared in the YouTube search result which was relevant to Las Vegas shooting and offered wrong information about the incident. The video claimed that there were several shooters involved in the attack however, authorities have confirmed that there was only one shooter.
The video was titled as, "Proof Las Vegas Shooting Was a FALSE FLAG attack-Shooter on 4th Floor", and it received 1.1 million views in just 27 hours.

YouTube search results relevant to the incident are now more reliable and the top results are mostly form trusted media houses. YouTube has not revealed how does the algorithm for improved and more reliable search works.

YouTube uses algorithms to rank the videos in search results and for choosing videos that feature next after a video stops playing. If reports are to be believed, YouTube had been working for past several months on the planned changes that it had to implement to its search results. However, the bashing it received for false videos forced it to implement the changes before planned.

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