10 Futuristic Laptop Concepts We Might See Soon

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Laptop design doesn't have to be boring always. Although laptops look exactly as we expect them to look like usually, there are many notable design solutions and approaches that are completely different.

10 Futuristic Laptop Concepts We Might See Soon

Laptops can be designed to be unusual, creative, beautiful and useful too. In fact, over the last few years,designers came up with a number of interesting concepts that are yet to become a reality.

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Below we present innovative laptop designs and laptop concepts. Many of the products listed below are prototypes and aren't available yet. To be precise, there is no clear detail on when laptops wit such designs will be released. However, they give us an idea of what we should expect from laptops over the years to come.

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Cario Laptop Concept

This concept design shows the use of full screen keyboards, transparency and edgeless displays. However, the decision to show it at the wheel of a car is quite amusing.

Fujitsu Turntable Laptop

The Fujitsu DJ laptop takes the idea of the iPod click wheel and it creating turntable like interface controller on the entire lid.

Intel metro notebook

When Intel got frustrated by the lack lack of innovation by laptop manufacturers, they commissioned reference designs. From the looks of it, it is clear that the device is yet to be launched.

The Gelfrog

The design house Frog stated that this one is for both functionality and style. It is claimed to be rugged yet flexible enough. It is supposed to arrive with a mobile mirror, photo slide show, video projector and everything in between.

Thinkpad reserve edition

Lenovo has a dedicated website for the Thinkpad reserve edition. While the reserve edition smacks of the type of design common to limited editions it is a very interesting machine.

Asus Laptop with Second Display

Asus has come up with the concept of a laptop with a second display that is pretty smaller than the main one. Take a look at the image to know how it looks.

Traveller Laptop

This is not a laptop, but seems to have a foldable screen, something that we are surprised that hasn't been played around with more in concept designs.

HP Concept Laptop

HP has shown several recent concept designs. If this laptop prototype is anything to go by, then HP have some much nicer designs on the way.

One Laptop per Child

This is an early concept by One Laptop Per Child's project, but it never made its way into reality for many reasons.

LG Fuel Cell Laptop

LG looks to be the first to get a genuine fuel cell system out for laptops.

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