10 Things We Hate About Laptops!

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Its for sure that laptops have revolutionized the way we compute. It has changed the way business operates, so much that we literally can't imagine life without laptop.

According to market research, sales of laptops in the business sector are growing, while sales of desktop computers are declining sharply. However, with the easy access of smartphones, laptops have also seen decreased in sales.

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Well, laptops makes our life more easier, but many hate for being too small, too big, insecure and unreliable. Here we present, top 10 things user absolutely hate about laptops.

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Very Less Battery Life

Battery Life, A Bigger Concern!

Battery life is a major concern for any electronic device, it may be a laptop or a smartphone. A standard laptop comes is packed with 6 cell battery, and that can last up to 3 hours. And the worst part is that every laptop has its own power adapter, which is not compatible with others. We wish that laptops should come with a standard power cord, similar to the microUSB charger for smartphone.

Laptop Get Broken Easily

Broken Hings, Cracked Screens!

According to informal survey, airport is the number one place where the chances are high for laptops to get damaged. Many users found their laptop hings are broken, as well as cracked screens and cases, when they travel by air and forgot and check their laptops in their luggage.

Laptop Die Young

Laptops Have A Less Life Span

On an average, laptops last for three to four years as compared to the healthier four to five years of average desktop. Even worst, some portable laptops never make it past the two-to-three-year mark.

Wide Spaces, but Small Keys

Smaller Keys

We have seen many laptops, for instance, Sony VAIO X series, the keys are barely larger than the spaces between each key. The idea behind the smaller keys is a mystery. May be it's supposed to have more space to rest your hands or may be these laptops are not meant to be used for adult-sized hands.

Miniature Function Keys

Function Keys

Function keys can make work easier in the full-sized keyboards, as indent between the number keys and the function keys as well as between groups of four function keys to make it easier for a person to hit it without looking at the keyboard. Well, in laptops we see function keys are lined up without useful indentation.

No Num-Pad

Number Pad Problem

Several users hate the fact that laptops lacks number pad, and find difficult to easily type numbers without num-pad.

Odd Navigation Button Placement

Navigation Buttons

There are plenty of ways to mess up with the navigation buttons in laptops. Placing arrow keys, besides Page Up and Page Down makes it difficult for users to use the navigation keys.

Cheap Keyboard

Poor Keyboard Quality

Laptop makers gave the ability to upgrade the RAM and the hard drives, but not the keyboard. Many laptop has a cheap quality of keyboard, which get spoiled very easily.

Too Big Or Too Small

Laptop Size

Laptops are either too large, that causes users to complain about lugging all the extra weight or they are too small, which means no one can type on them. Finding a happy medium sized laptop is really a hectic task.


Performance Differs

Users want all - power, speed, connectivity and big applications of a desktop machine, all packed into a unit that's effortlessly portable with long battery life. The problem comes when users wants to multitask.

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