6 Important Ports You Should Know About

A port is a point where the communication between the computer and external devices happens. The female end of the connector is the port that usually sits on the motherboard.

6 Important Ports You Should Know About

These ports help the signals to travel from system to external device and enable them to work properly. Mainly, the ports are divided into serial and parallel ports otherwise called as the male and female port. Today, we are going to be looking at some of the important port and its functionalities.


This is the commonly used port in varieties of devices including a computer, smartphones, TV's and much more. It is used to connect external devices and can be available on either side of computer back/front sides of the computer.

This is used for faster data transfer from one point to another point. There are different types of USB available including original USB, basic USB trident, Super Speed USB and USB 3.0. Among this, USB 3.0 is the latest and fastest.



HDMI a.k.a High Definition Multimedia Interface was introduced recently into the computer's, laptops and TV's. This helps in connecting High Definition and Ultra High Definition devices like gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players and much more. It is used to carry uncompressed video and compressed or uncompressed audio signals.


These are used to connect other audio output devices with the computer. The connector for the audio port differs according to the audio type which either analog or digital and depending on that the port.

A 3.5mm port is commonly used the audio port to connect stereo headphones or surround sound channels. Moreover, a 6 connector port is available in the majority of the computer for connecting various audio devices including microphones.


Video port

VGA ports are found in many systems to connect computers, projectors, video cards and High Definition TVs. However, transferring signals through VGA port can reduce the quality of the picture as VGA carries analogue video signals up to a resolution of 648X480.

USB Type-C

This is the latest of USB and it is a reversible connector. USB Type - C is the replacement to Type A and B and is expected to be future proof as well. Everyone is employing this port in devices including laptop, smartphones and much more. This port can handle high current, which is used in Fast charging technology, which allows charging fast in less time.

Ethernet port

This is the port that helps the user to connect to the network than other ports. It looks similar to that of telephone jack and helps in the connecting system to the internet. The latest technology is called Gigabit Ethernet and supports a data transfer rate of over 10Gigabits per second.

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