6 ways to add more storage space to your Macbook

    Use these steps to double/triple your storage space on a macbook


    Macbooks are built to last and they come loaded with features that are top notch in terms of quality. Unfortunately, they aren’t always easy on the pocket, this is often a reason why people are forced to opt for lesser storage when they need to buy a Macbook.

    6 ways to add more storage space to your Macbook


    But fortunately, this does not mean you are forever doomed to keep deleting your files to make room for more. There are a variety of options out there that allow you to take care of your storage issues. Some of the easy-on-the-pocket options that allow Macbook users to get more storage have been listed below:

    External Hard Drives

    External hard drives are cheap and are now, very small. These devices used to be used primarily for the purpose of backing up, but it can also be partitioned and used as a regular drive as well. Although the physical size and price of these devices have reduced over the years, these are still mechanical devices that depend on an arm-and-platter arrangement. While the fact that it will take up one of the few USB ports your system has is an issue, you will still be able to store large media files that aren't part of your libraries, archived documents and project files.

    Thunderbolt RAID Systems

    Thunderbolt RAID Systems

    Thunderbolt is an ultra-fast interface developed by Apple and Intel. It's an active cable as opposed to a run of the mill USB standard. This means that it can carry a lot more bandwidth and this makes it perfect for transferring or accessing files on an external storage medium.

    RAIDs use two or more drives to get a flexible storage solution. You can use RAID to create a mirror for all of your data, this mirror will be failsafe.

    The combination of Thunderbolt and RAID has given rise to a new type of external drive which has multiple bays for hard drives. If you can afford to, it would be a better idea to use solid state drives instead.

    SD Cards

    Older MacBooks come equipped with an SD card slot. This allows you to transfer your media quickly without plugging in your media device. You can make use of the SD card slot to expand your MacBook storage. The drawback of using an SD card slot is that this card will most likely protrude and stand out. Aside from the problem of how odd this would look, this not a convenient solution if you tend to place your laptop into a tight-fitting bag.

    Upgrade your SSD

    This is the fastest storage upgrade you can perform. But keep in mind, that upgrading involves opening your laptop enclosures to replace the drive which voids any warranty that you might have. On newer MacBook models, the SSDs are soldered to the logic board which renders upgrades impossible. You also have the option of opting for upgrade kits that include everything you will need to upgrade your laptop's storage.

    Network Storage

    You can use the storage that you have somewhere else in the house if you don't want to upgrade the storage ability on your MacBook directly. There are a few drawbacks to this setup but they largely depend on your network setup, while a wired network will provide the most reliable speed, this caps out at 10 Gb/sec.

    Cloud Storage

    The biggest drawback of Cloud Storage is the speed, which will be dictated by where you are at a given moment of time, this is especially a challenge if you happen to be in the middle of nowhere. Aside from the bandwidth restrictions, the challenges posed by limited storage can only be mitigated by purchasing additional storage.

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