8 features Cortana brings to Windows 10

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Redmond-based Microsoft introduced its voice assistant similar to Apple's Siri, namely Cortana. As Windows 10 gets the update, so does the Cortana. With each updates Cortana is becoming is smarter and cooler in taking up the responsibility.

8 features Cortana brings to Windows 10

Having said that, if you have any doubt about the abilities of Cortana, we jotted down some of the reasons on why you should use it on your system.

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Compatible with both desktop and laptop

Initially, the Cortana was launched for the Windows Phone 7 as a mobile app. But now, it has made a debut in desktop computers, laptops, and tablets with Windows 10. You can access Cortana by clicking the Mic button next to start button for various tasks.

Browser compatible

With the Windows 10 update, the company has replaced the Internet Explorer with Edge Browser. In this, both Cortana and Edge browser are designed to work together with efficiency. On the Edge browser, the voice assistant pops out on the address bar for you to ask.

Search files

Cortana also helps you in locating files or document across all available data, both on your hard drive and in the cloud. This indeed comes handy when you have a large collection of files or data.

Dedicated buttons

With Cortana taking Windows 10 by storm, some manufacturers like Cortana are implementing a dedicated button for it. You can just press the button to activate the Cortana, which is faster than voice activation.

Cross platform availability

While Siri is exclusive to Apple, Google Now for Android, Cortana used to be exclusive but not now. With its new version, Cortana is stepping to Android and iOS apart from Windows platform. Having said that, it won't work as efficient as it works in Windows platform.

Personal recognition

While some voice assistance gets messed up, Microsoft has learned a lesson and set up a recognition feature that allows Cortana to learn your own vocal range. This helps the assistant to respond more readily to your own commands than others.

Bit of humor too

Cortana does not only help you in tasks but also can crack a joke, sing a song, and make fun of Siri too. When you are bored without any company you can interact with Cortana to get know her fun part.

Location-based voice commands

You can specify the location in the Windows phone so that it helps you according to it. In case if you are in the grocery store, it will remind you to take stuff that you might need or stored it in a reminder. This allows her to remind you about various events or activities at a moment's.

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