Advantages and disadvantages of choosing Linux over Windows

Pros and Cons of choosing Linux over Windows

    Comparison between Windows and Linux is an age old topic and a long-running matter since its inception. These days, the market is dominated by Microsoft’s Windows, followed by Apple’s Mac OS X.

    Advantages and disadvantages of choosing Linux over Windows

    Even though Linux might not be in the race, it has its fair share of users and fans. In fact, Linux is a well know operating system next to Windows and OS X. Moreover, this OS became popular for a simple that most of the Linux distributions are open source and it is free to download, modify and redistribute without any giving cent. Today, we have compiled both advantage and disadvantage of choosing Linux over Windows.

    Free, Open source

    One of the main reason to choose Linux over Windows is theta fact that it is are free. Moreover, users do not need to pay for this and can download on any system legally. Due to its open environment, users have access to the source code and can customize Linux to be whatever we want. Additionally, it is easier to install Linux to your computer than Windows.

    Friendly community

    All Linux distributions have a friendly community of users who help out with bug handling and general queries about the operating system on various forums across the internet.


    Another good aspect to choosing Linux over Windows is its security. It is so tight that you'll hardly find any malware that could infect your system. In fact, there has not been a single widespread Linux virus or malware infection yet, which is more on Windows.


    There are a variety of Linux distributions available and the full OS hardly takes up 2GB of your memory or even less for some distributions.



    There are lots of compatibility issues in case if you are moving from Windows. Finding a replacement for Microsoft Word will be difficult here and you cannot play games in it.



    To become a pro in Linux, you need to have the patience to learn it. As it doesn't have the same functionalities as Windows, you might struggle in the initial days even for a simple task.

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