Apple MacBook Pro fans are pissed about the new MacBook: Find out why

    Since the launch of the new Apple Macbook Pro last year it has created quite a stir in the Mac community.


    MacBook Pro has always been Apple's most capable and a powerful computer. It's always been the premier machine and a step ahead of the more consumer-level MacBook Air and standard MacBook. More significantly, the word "Pro" in its name has been defined for professional creative people who need powerful machines to do their work. As far as the legacy of Macbook Pro goes, it has always delivered a seamless performance.

    Apple MacBook Pro fans are pissed about the new MacBook: Find out why


    However, Apple just launched the new Macbook Pro PCs last year and since its launch, it has created quite a stir in the Mac community. Well, you might have or might not have heard about it but there's been a huge amount of backlash over the new MacBook Pros that Apple announced in October. On a similar note, many developers and creative professionals have also expressed outrage and frustration citing that Apple has seemingly created a Pro machine that is decidedly underwhelming and watered down.

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    Many of the dedicated and vocal Apple devotees have further expressed that with the new lineup of MacBook Pros, Apple has deviated from its normal course and that the company was changing what a MacBook Pro really was. As such, many Apple fans have not been happy about the change.

    Let's look at the reasons why Apple fans are disappointed with the new MacBook Pro laptops.


    The new MacBook Pros come in three variants which are a 13-inch one, a 13-inch one with a Touch Bar, and a 15-inch one with a Touch Bar. And all these new variants come with varying degrees of power and pre-set upgrade options. However, the point to be concerned about is that all these run on AMD's Radeon chips. This new chipset is an improvement over the previous MacBook Pros, but it's not competitive with the Nvidia chips that power many other pro-level laptops these days.

    Apart from this, with the new MacBook Pro models, the maximum amount of RAM you can upgrade to is 16GB. Well, considering the average consumer it might suffice but for the creative professionals, it's not enough to carry out heavy and intensive work.


    If you have used or if you have an older MacBook Pro you will have noticed that the PC came with a wide array of ports. Notably, the MacBook Pro came with a breakaway MagSafe port an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, a FireWire port, USB ports, a built-in SD card reader, and a headphone jack.

    Well, with the new MacBook Pro the only ports the are available are a handful of Thunderbolt 3 ports and a headphone jack. While Thunderbolt 3 ports do provide some advantage and they're versatile but to take advantage of this port you need to buy an endless series of add-on converters or dongles, one for each thing you want to plug in. It means extra cost and seriously a waste of time and energy.

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    Keyboard and the Death of ESC Key

    Well, the keyboard on the new models seems to be more shallow and offers less feedback compared to the old MacBook Pros. It has been reported that when you type on the new MacBook Pro keyboard it almost feels like you're typing on a touchscreen. While Apple has justified that by inventing this kind of keyboard they were trying to make the overall computer as thin as possible. This might have been the case but according to most people, the typing experience has suffered as a result.

    Moreover, as we comprehend the tragic loss of the iPhone headphone jack, Apple takes away the escape key in the new MacBook Pro. People have got very emotional about this decision. In fact, Apple fans have shared their thoughts on the potential death of the historic escape key on Twitter. Some people have even raised questions on how one could even use a MacBook without an escape key.

    Inconsistent Battery Life

    The new MacBook Pros were reportedly said to have come with an inconsistent battery life compared to the old ones. The new MacBook Pro has been reported to have a battery lifespan ranging from less than four hours to a high of almost 20 hours. Citing ‘wildly unpredictable' battery life issues, Consumer Reports an influential tech blog also did not reward a seal of approval for the PC.

    However, Apple has been quick to take notice and has been working on addressing the issue.

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    High Price or Over Priced

    Well considering the Macbook Air and the standard MacBook, MacBook Pros have always been a costly device. And, if you check the price of the new MacBook Pros they've been priced at a high mark. I mean when you compare it with other laptops with similar specifications on the market, the MacBook Pro is seriously overpriced.

    The entry-level one, the 13-inch notebook without a Touch Pad, starts at $1,500 (approx Rs. 1,02,120.) and it goes up from there. The most expensive one starts at $2,800 (approx Rs. 1,36,161) and if you upgrade it all the way the price can amount to $4,300 (approx Rs. 2,92,746). Well, the verdict is that you will be throwing away a lot of money for a computer with less power than the more affordable competition.


    Apple's quest for thinness as we had said before has lead the company to use a non-efficient keyboard and to add to that the upgradeability has also suffered. If you recall, with MacBooks made in 2012 and earlier, you could literally take a screwdriver to open the device and easily upgrade things like the hard drive and RAM.

    Well in 2016-17 you won't be able to do so because all the parts are now glued in. If you want to buy a bigger hard drive or more RAM, you will have to buy a new computer.

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