Intel Evo Review: Does It Really Prolong Laptop’s Battery Life?


When buying a new laptop, we look for the fastest processor, the most immersive display, and the best-in-class features. Generally, laptops last up to eight hours on a single charge, even with the most powerful batteries. The new Intel Evo platform integrated with the latest Intel chipsets aims to redefine the overall battery performance of a laptop.


HP Spectre x360

I've been using the HP Spectre x360 laptop that includes the 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor that's integrated with the Intel Iris Ce Graphics based on the Intel Evo platform. The company claims the processor is designed with industry-leading CPU performance among thin and light laptops. Additionally, users get to experience immersive graphics, amazing AI acceleration, and so on.

I've used the HP Spectre x360 laptop for roughly a month to explore what the laptop with the Evo platform has to offer. Here's my detailed review of the same, explaining if the Intel Evo platform lives up to its name or if it's just hype.

HP Spectre x360 Performance: Outstanding In Its Class

HP Spectre x360 Performance: Outstanding In Its Class

Before diving into the Intel Evo details, I have to talk about the performance of the HP Spectre x360 laptop. The laptop flaunts a 13.3-inch FHD IPS LCD screen with 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution. This HP laptop packs a premium design and chassis with unique angles at the edges.

As a thin and light laptop, the HP Spectre x360 is also one of the most powerful devices. It draws power from the 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor for a seamless laptop experience. We've previously reviewed the HP Spectre x360 and you can click this link to get a detailed analysis of the laptop.

Intel Evo Performance: Prolonging Battery Life

Intel Evo Performance: Prolonging Battery Life

Laptops are among the highly engineered devices available in the market today. When we get a laptop, we expect the smoothest performance with highly optimized apps. Basically, we don't want any lag while multitasking, or simply when we wake the laptop from sleep mode.

This is exactly what the Intel Evo platform promises to deliver. In fact, Intel claims the Evo platform lets users wake their laptops from sleep in less than a second. What's more, Intel Evo promises to deliver more than nine hours of performance, even with FHD displays. Simply put, Evo is designed to handle your laptop tasks seamlessly while reducing the need to plug in the charger.

Intel has slowly redefined a processor's capability in the thin-and-light laptop segment with the Evo platform. There's no fast charging support, offering more than four hours of juice with just 30 minutes of charging. During my time with the Intel Evo platform, the HP laptop has delivered around five hours after charging it for just 30 minutes. I've detailed my real-life experience with the Intel Evo in detail below.

Intel Evo Real-Life Performance: Lives Up To Its Name

Intel Evo Real-Life Performance: Lives Up To Its Name

To really find out what the Evo was capable of, I compared the performance with another laptop without the Evo platform. With continued work from home norms, my routine would require roughly 10 hours of working on a laptop. Apart from this, I would require my laptop for a couple of video calls, entertainment, and so on.

In fact, I would start my day with an online workout class - requiring a power-backed laptop. In this scenario, my regular laptop (without the Intel Evo platform) would require charging at least once. In case I doubled up with work or decided to binge-watch something on Netflix, it would require another plug-in.

Intel Evo-packed HP Spectre x360

On the other hand, I found the Intel Evo-packed HP Spectre x360 to run significantly longer. For instance, I binged watch a docu-series on Netflix one night, bringing down the battery to less than 50 percent. I decided not to plug in the charger and explore how long it would continue to run. The next day, I attended my routine online class and moved on to working on other tasks.

Surprisingly, the battery backed up for several more hours, even with high-intense apps running. With a fully-charged Intel Evo battery, you can basically get all your routine laptop tasks handled without seeking a refuel. Suppose you want to switch to gaming or video streaming - the battery will still churn out juice to keep you going!

Intel Evo Verdict: Get A Laptop With It!

Intel Evo Verdict: Get A Laptop With It!

Today, laptops are simply beyond work devices. It's become a multi-purpose unit that's used by children for their e-schooling and online classes. People have also opted for laptops for better video calling experiences, especially during these trying times. Moreover, after a long day of work, the laptop is again a go-to device for chilling out with video streaming apps.

In this scenario, it would be ideal to get a device that promises prolonged battery life. Instead of running to find a charging port in between your work or leisure, the Intel Evo delivers extended battery performance. If you're wondering if it's worth the extra buck, I would say yes! Plus, several new laptops are hitting the market with this platform for you to choose from.

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