Is Apple Finally Making Easy-To-Repair Devices?


Apple recently unveiled the revamped version of the MacBook Pro laptops, and the notebooks are slowly making their way to markets. Well, with new products come teardowns, and one such teardown reveals interesting details about the innards of these new notebooks.


MacBook Pro

A Reddit user who got his hands on Apple's latest 14-inch MacBook Pro pulled apart the body and shared the images in the r/Apple subreddit. These images offer the first unofficial look at what Apple has done inside the machines this time around, reports MacRumors.

Impactful Design Changes Might Help Users

Impactful Design Changes Might Help Users

Additionally, the Reddit user noted some insight into the internals of the machine. It was stated that opening the back lid to get inside is the same as the previous versions of the MacBook Pro launched between 2016 and 2021. The laptop uses the same screws and clips as before.

Once the lid is removed, it's a similar sight. However, the company has made some subtle changes that make the laptop easy to repair and increase long-term sustainability. The biggest differentiating factor here is the battery, which isn't glued to the frame anymore. The company has used pull tabs similar to iPhones, which makes it easy to swap the battery.

The Reddit user also wrote how impactful these changes could be for the overall sustainability of the MacBook. Since there won't be a need to discard the whole laptop over a dead battery, it will help curb e-waste.

Apple Scaling Up Repairability

Apple Scaling Up Repairability

That's not the only improvement; Apple has also made the ports easy to place. It means, even the ports can be replaced if they stop working. But the Redditor notes the keyboard deck "is still part of the unibody," which will make it hard to replace. While the company made improvements in the aspect by opting for a more conventional Magic Keyboard rather than butterfly switches.

But we'll have to wait for iFixit for a full breakdown of the laptop to know more about its reparability, but it seems Apple has made some meaningful improvements to make the device more reparable. Laptops that allow users to replace storage and battery are much better. MacBook Pros have long been criticized for their lack of reparability and upgradability, especially the models launched after 2016.

Apple Watch Series 7 Showed Similar Results

Apple Watch Series 7 Showed Similar Results

Recently, iFixit also released its teardown of the latest Apple Watch Series 7. The teardown gives a detailed look at the innards of the watch and might have also revealed the reason that caused the delay in its production. The teardown revealed that the new smartwatch has a slightly bigger battery than its precursor. The 41mm model gets a 6.8% increase in battery, while the 44mm model saw a 1.6% increase in battery size.

It's a known fact that there aren't many Apple devices that score high on iFixit's repairability scale. However, the Watch Series 7 has earned 6 out of 10 for its "modular construction and straightforward access to the screen and battery." It is a decent score for an Apple product and hints that the company will make more devices in the future with better repairability.

image: Reddit

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