Know These 5 Things Before Upgrading Your Laptop's Hardware

    After using your laptop for a few years, you might find it tough to take a decision on whether you need to buy a new notebook or just upgrade your existing laptop.

    Know These 5 Things Before Upgrading Your Laptop's Hardware

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    Undoubtedly, a new laptop will cost you a lot whereas upgrading the hardware of your existing laptop will be cheaper though it is not always the ideal option.

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    Before you take a decision, you need to know some things. For instance, you need to keep in mind that only a few parts of the laptop can be upgraded by yourself and this will void the warranty of the laptop. So, here we have come up with a list of five things you need to know. Take a look!

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    Can you Upgrade the Laptop?

    First, understand that not all laptops can be upgraded easily. Most parts of the laptops are soldered and they cannot be removed easily. So, you need to future-proof the laptops while buying. You can know if the laptop can be upgraded from the manual that came along with it. Alternatively, you can try searching on the intenret or running the Crucial System Scanner tool on your Windows or Mac laptop.

    Which Parts Need to be Upgraded?

    Usually, parts such as RAM, battery, hard drive, and wireless card can be upgraded easily if they are not soldered on. Of these, hard drives and RAM modules are the easiest and the most commonly upgraded ones too. Undoubtedly, upgrading these components will improve the PC performance. The battery and wireless card are not always upgradeable. You need to first do a research and check if these parts can be upgraded.

    Not All Parts are Worth Upgrading

    The motherboard, screen, and processor are the key parts that you cannot and should not upgrade. Most laptops are made with a specific processor and motherboard series in mind. These parts determine how much heat the device will generate so that the same can be dissipated efficiently. On the other hand, the screen cannot be upgraded and it is not worth upgrading.

    Find the Compatible Parts

    After knowing the basic hardware of the laptop and understanding what components can be upgraded, you need to find out what you should buy. You can shop for RAM modules as well as solid state drives from reputed companies. There are guides on the internet to find the parts that will be compatible with your notebook.

    Should You Buy a New Laptop?

    Some signs will indicate that it is time for you to replace your old laptop. Well, if your laptop is too slow, if you cannot install a new version of the OS, if it doesn't support any new software or requires repair regularly, you need to replace it with a new laptop to get a better experience.

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