Samsung laptop infected with 6 deadliest virus is now worth Rs 1,200,000

It comes with I LOVE YOU malware


What if I tell you that your virus infected laptop might make you a millionaire? Yes, you heard us right. In an auction, an old Samsung laptop filled with the world's most deadly computer virus is now valued at $1.35 billion or Rs 1,200,000.

Samsung laptop infected with 6 deadliest virus is now worth $1.35 M

Created by Guo O Dong

Guo O Dong is a well-known artist, who is known for his masterpieces across the globe. He has taken an ordinary laptop, to be precise, the Samsung NC10-14GB and has filled the laptop with world's 6 deadliest computer viruses.

According to Guo, the virus infected laptop is a great example of how the digital world can abstract threads to the physical world, in this case, the laptop.

"We have this fantasy that things that happen in computers can't actually affect us, but this is absurd. Weaponized viruses that affect power grids or public infrastructure can cause direct harm, said Guo O Dong.

You can touch this computer, but, inserting a pen drive or any other USB device and using the same USB drive on other devices is most likely to break at least some functionalities of your new machine.

Six viruses included in the laptop

  • I LOVE YOU virus, which is a well-known virus, especially send via an e-mail attachment.
  • Mydoom was created by Russian e-mail spammers, which has caused damages worth $38 billion across the globe.
  • WannaCry is another virus, which is used to collect ramson from the users, by blocking the entire computer, and one needs to have a unique key to unlock the device.
  • SoBig is a worm and a trojan, which is again circulated via e-mails. This virus can copy files from the affected system and can damage both hardware and software. It is estimated that SoBig has caused around $37 billion.
  • BlackEnergy 2 uses is known for causing a major digital blackout in December 2015 in Ukraine.
  • DarkTequila is a malware mainly used in Latin America to steal bank credentials and corporate date.
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