10 Most Irritating Things That Makes You To HATE Your Smartphones!

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Can you think of staying away from your phone for a day or two? Well, smartphones are an integral part of your lives, but at times you do feel like throwing it away or setting it on fire. Let's just confess that there are situations when smartphone seems almost like a liability than being your beloved tool of communication. Don't you agree that it sometimes does get on your nerves, and you get highly irritated with your phone?

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We believe that we all share a love-and-hate kind of a relationship with our smartphones, and can prove it. Here we pick up 11 such situations when your phone seems highly irritating to you and feel like giving away with it (even if the feeling lasts briefly).

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Zero network zones:

Network issues:

When you need to make an urgent call or send a text or shoot a mail, but simply can't do it due to low or zero networks signals.

Side to Answer call does not work!

Slider issues:

Imagine a situation when the slider on the home screen simply refuses to work and you miss that very important call from your ‘Boss' or ‘love'! It is highly annoying when you can't answer the call you were desperately waiting for, just and only because the slider to answer choose not to work!

Noisy voice calls:

Voice calls are not clear:

We know you rarely make calls, but when you do and face network distortion, you get that feeling of throwing your phone right away. After all, it is highly irritated when the voice calls get garbled, or there suddenly occurs noise in the middle of an important call. Worst is when you are speaking (shouting actually) at the highest pitch, and still are not audible to the receiver.

Running out of storage space?

Storage space crunches!

Another highly irritating situation is when the video or movie or any file that you have been downloading for an hour was about to finish downloading or reached 95%, and suddenly gets hanged because your phone runs out of memory space.

Hanging problems

Sudden hangs!

Don't you feel like throwing your phone against a wall or floor when you phone hangs right in the middle of an interesting chat conversation in group or in private. The worst it when you are in the middle of an argument in a group and suddenly the phone hangs, and other members think you to have given up or be running short of valid points.

You lose data unexpectedly

Data loss

Another case is when the very important data that you had carefully stored on your phone suddenly vanished due to a bug or malware attack.

Battery runs out of juice:

Battery woes:

It makes the worst of a situation, when you are yet to meet your friend, and the phone's battery discharges to leave you stranded. Cursing yourself for forgetting your power bank back home, and for not being able to recall friend's number!

Surprise calls:

Loud Ringtones:

You are almost drowned in that suspense thriller or horror flick, and suddenly your smartphone rings in the middle of the main scene only to scare you to death.

Camera does not launch:

Camera hangs:

Maddening is when you have to click a photo immediately, like right away to capture that perfect shot, but the phone's camera does not launch.

Game stops working:

Game kills self:

You are about to reach the level-end or climax of the game, and it suddenly stops working resulting in killing of the player or end of the game. The worst is when you have to restart the game, from the beginning of the level.

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