Motorola Moto X Style receives Android Marshmallow: 10 new features you get with the new update

    Motorola last month announced the release of Android Marshmallow update for the Moto X Style smartphone. It came as an exciting news for most considering that Android 6.0 Marshmallow brings much required improvements and bug fixes to features that were highly criticized on Android Lollipop.

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    With the Marshmallow iteration of Android on board, users will experience a better mobile interface, with battery-smart features and have even more control on apps with new app permissions feature addition. However, once updated to the Marshmallow, Moto X Style cannot be downgraded to a previous software version.

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    If you are a Motorola Moto Style users, or planning to buy one, but are not sure about the new upgrade's features, here we give you a list of 10 things that your Moto X Style will be able to do with the new update installed on it.

    Doze mode:

    The Marshmallow update is focused towards enhancing battery life and brings a lot of features to help users save battery of the phone. One of such features include Doze mode that will help preserve your phone's battery life for a longer battery run. The feature recognizes when your phone is stationary, not charging and not in use for a long period of time, and automatically puts it in to a deep sleep state to save the battery charge. The feature is smart enough to kill unnecessary background processes to optimize power.

    App Standby:

    If you chose to update your phone, you will also get the App Standby feature, which reduces the battery drain of phone by putting rarely or less used apps into a reduced activity state. Moreover, if you don't want the feature to run on all apps, you can chose which apps are applicable to App Standby by following these steps:


    • Go to Settings menu, scroll down and select Battery.
    • Go to the menu icon, and select Battery optimization.
    • Change the mode from Not optimized to App Standby.
    • Select All apps, then tap the app you want to adjust.
    • Tap on Optimize to include the app in App Standby to optimize battery life when it's not in use, or Don't optimize to remove the app from App Standby.



    App Permission:

    The Marshmallow update finally brings one of the most required features to your smartphone. The App Permissions is a new permission model that gives you more control over what personal data you share with apps. So apps designed for Marshmallow only ask for permissions to access your data at the time it's needed to use a feature, instead of all at once right at the time when you install the app. Moreover, you will be able to modify permissions granted to apps at any time from the settings menu. You can also look at permissions by type and see which apps have that permission granted.
    Here is how to modify permissions for an app from settings menu:

    • Go to Settings, tap Apps, then select the app you want to adjust.
    • Go to Permissions in the App menu, toggle the permission settings. 
    • To modify permissions by type:
    • Go to Apps in Settings menu, and tap the gear icon at the top right corner of the Apps screen.
    • Go to App permissions, and select the type of permission you want to adjust from the list.
    • Tap the switch for the app you want to give that permission.

    App links:

    The new Android update allows users to put the apps when you tap a web link. You can choose to open a link to an app directly in the supported app, or let your phone ask you if you want to open the link in the app or in the Chrome browser, or set Android to open the link only in the Chrome browser. You can set it from Apps option in Settings.

    Expandable Storage:

    A happy news for those who are fond of apps or games but don't get enough storage to keep them all on their Android phone. With the Android Marshmallow update, you will be able to use your SD card as an extension of the internal storage of your phone rather than being able to use it only for media files. So now you will be able to store downloaded apps and games, all their media and data, right on your SD card.

    When you will insert a microSD card to your Moto X Style, you will get a notification to set it up to be used as a portable storage or as internal storage. However, if your card is already in your phone during the time of installation of the upgrade, the card will be defaulted to portable storage. So you will have to set your SD card as internal storage first.

    To do so, Back up and save your data on the card, as formatting for internal storage will erase it. Now go to settings > Storage & USB > select your portable SD card > Tap the menu icon at the top right corner of the SD card screen > Settings > Format as internal and follow the steps.

    Once formatted as internal storage, the card will be encrypted to protect your data and hence, cannot be removed and transferred to other device. To use it on other phone, you will need to format it again to set it as portable storage.

    Do not disturb

    It was irritating for many users to not being able to put their phone on silent mode due to the lack of this feature on Android Lollipop. Android has now introduced the do not disturb mode to keep your phone quiet while you are sleeping, are busy in a meeting or just need it quiet. To set it up, go to the Settings menu, scroll down and tap Sound & notification, then go to Do not disturb.

    Also, you can configure interruptions by tapping the Do not disturb button in the quick settings panel. Now, chose to put the phone either on Priority mode that blocks all interruptions except those from contacts and apps that you flag as important; or Total silence to block all interruptions including priority and alarms; or on Alarms to use just alarms.


    Now on Tap

    Google Now can now be launched to show contextual results, right in the app you are using; thanks to the new Now on Tap feature. You can just tap and hold down the home button to let the Now on Tap give you relevant information based on whatever you are doing in your phone at that moment. For instance, if you receive a message from a friend to go out for dinner, you can long press the home button, and Now on Tap feature will assist you with the links to info about restaurants and shortcuts to related apps you may need.

    Direct Share

    With the direct share feature, you can now share something directly to a contact or conversation within an app by simply tapping on the share icon in the app. You can pick a contact selecting a name from a list of contacts with app icons next to their names given in the top of the share panel. However, you can use this feature only on the apps that support it.

    Moto Display and Ambient Display:

    You will now be migrated from Ambient Display to Moto Display. To toggle Moto Display on and off, open the Moto app, and tap the icon on the top right corner of the screen. Go to Display and tap the switch at the top.

    Moto Assist

    With the Marshmallow update at place, the Moto X style users will get a new feature which enabled users to integrate Assist into other places. So you can simply put the phone on Do Not Disturb mode when needed, and chose to keep the display dark while you are sleeping, by changing settings in the Moto app. Similarly, you can allow your phone to read your messages loud while you do not want to use your hands to read or reply the text message, in case you are driving or cooking.


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