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It's great to see technology being used more for functionality purpose instead of just being cool. Having said that these innovative appliances & tools add but functionality as well as cool quotient to your kitchen or home.

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They are very user friendly and do not require much of caretaking, instead they make our lives more easy & save us some time too. They also add up to the whole experience of food making & help us make our loved ones feel more special too. From counting calories to storing food and from learning new recipes to writing messages on food, these gadgets do it all.

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Spaghetti Measurer


You can count sugar; you can count the flour but how does one count or measure Spaghetti? The answer is simple. Just get a Spaghetti Measurer. It tells you how much Spaghetti is enough for one to four people.

There are two variants available, first being the simpler one & the other being a little funnier. The funnier one is actually called ‘I Could Eat A Horse' basically meaning a large bowl of Spaghetti is about to be prepared.


Tea for Two


We bet you had never thought of a ‘Two Faced' tea cup, one storing your favourite flavour & other half for your better half.: p So now you get two teapots at the price of one. Great isn't it.


iPad Board


Always wanted to have an infotainment system in the kitchen? Well, here your chance. A stick frame for securely placing your iPad onto your fridge, this way you can enjoy to some music, write down shopping items or reminders and even go through a recipe while cooking.

Corn Kerneler


Fed up with the gruelling task of getting the kernels out of a corn? Here is your saviour. A One-Step Corn Kerneler that removes all the corn kernels in one swift motion, making the task super easy. Ingenious we say!


Flavoured Infused Water Bottle


There are flavoured water products already available in the market but they can seem to be comparatively expensive after all it's just water. So how about you make your very own flavoured water with the help of this flavour-infusing water bottle.


Magic Cup


Empty = Sad - Full = Happy - As simple as that.




Now you have the perfect excuse for your Mom' about not wanting to learn how to make rotis, as this device will make it for you. You even don't have to worry about making them ‘Gol' i.e. perfectly circular in shape or make them soft because Rotimatic does it all.

You have to just add flour, water & oil in the different compartments, then select options as to how thick & soft you want your rotis to be. It also lets you decide how much oil you want to put in through its digital console.


Coloured Margarita Salt


The only thing you must have thought that it cannot be coloured was probably salt but no. You are wrong. Some crazies have even thought of colouring this ‘Shud Safed Namak' and turned it into Coloured Margarita Salt.
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Digital Nutrition Scale


It is said that you are what you eat & you should always have a good watch over it or at least be aware of it. So this is what Digital Nutrition Scale does for you. It counts your food calories and even displays a distribution of calories from protein, fat, fibre, carbohydrates and etc.

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Message Toaster


Now you can literally make them eat your love or love words with this toaster that you toast messages on the bread.




Keep it crispy - Keep it fresh - That's probably the motto of this product which nothing but a simple re-sealer that can re-seal any of your chips or other snack packets.


Cool Shooters


Want a short glass on a short notice? Well, then why not just make one for yourself. Yes, you can do that with these ‘Cool Shooters', a set of short glass ice moulds. Fill them with water & put it freezer and Tadaa! Your short glasses are ready.


See Through Toaster


If you always burn your toasts or have to go through the trouble of checking on them again & again, then this product is for you. A See-through toaster from magimix, now you can get that perfectly toasted bread.


Kitchen Safe


Seriously this product is like a dream come true for Mom's and people who want to keep themselves away from sweets or other unhealthy/fattening food. As these are special boxes where you can set a timer and the box won't open until the timer reaches Zero. What an idea sirji..!:p

So do you any of such ingenious ideas in your head? Then do write to us in the comments section below.


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