15 Amazing Before and After VFX Shots From Your Favorite Movies

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The first thing that comes to your mind, when you think about special effect is of course the "HOLLYWOOD".

15 Amazing Before and After VFX Shots From Your Favorite Movies

It's a known fact that most of the movies look different without any special effects. Gradually, Hollywood has perfected the art of visual effects with various technologies, where most of the stunning locations in the movie is nothing but the graphics.

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On the other side, most of the people often get confused with SFX and VFX effects. Today, we thought of clearing the air between these two terms. Basically, SFX is a effects, which happens in camera during the shoot, while the VFX happens during the post production. Today we have collected 16 behind the scene shots, that shows the importance of the visual effects.

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300: Rise of an Empire


Shot from 300: Rise of an Empire! 

300: Rise of an Empire


Blue screen used during the fight scene in the movie!

300: Rise of an Empire


Green screen employed during the war sequence.



Blue screen technology has been involved in this scene.

The Avengers


Making of Iron Man in the movie "The Avengers".

King Arthur


This scene from 'King Arthur' involves green screen technology.

The Avengers


This climax fight scene in 'The Avengers' also used green screen technology.

The Chronicles of Narnia


This scenes involves blue screen technology to add up more stone house.

Tron Legacy


Blue screen technology is used in this movie. Tron: Legacy is a 2010 American science fiction film produced and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

300: Rise of an Empire


This conversation scene between Daxos and Themistocles involves green screen technology to mountains in the background. 



In this movie, CG is involved for RoboCop's traditional silver suit and its new black incarnation.



To give them that robotic feel, company has developed generic walk cycle, walk-to-stop-cycle, scan cycle and so on.



The VFX artists from "Image Engine" brought the patrolling robots to life.



These are some of the visual effects done for Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity.

Iron Man 2


This is how Robert Downey Jr became Iron Man!

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