5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets that will leave you amazed

    Smart gadgets are changing our approach towards life. With the technology now focusing on IoT (Internet of Things) to better out daily lives where new gadgets will be paying important role.

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    While there still a few years left before the IoT device enter mass market, here is a list of smart gadgets which you can install in your bathroom now! Wondering why bathroom? Well, your will be amazed to see what these gadgets can do.


    This is one of the cheapest bathroom gadget you can install, and well it has the ability to turn you into an eco-friendly man. The small little device help you save water o daily basis by monitoring the amount of water that goes down the pipeline. Take for example, while taking a shower the Waterpebble accurately calculates the amount of water used and stores that in its memory.

    So when you step in for shower the next day, the small device reminds you with a series of three lights - red, orange and green by intimating you about the water you have used. The green, orange and red respectively stand for start, half way point and stop.


    This showerhead from reputed bathroom fittings maker Kohler aims to make you a bathroom singer. It has a built-in wireless speaker that connects your smartphone via Bluetooth. The in-built speaker works with your Bluetooth connected device kept away at a maximum distance of 32 ft. The rechargeable battery present in the speak provides seven hours of playback time.


    This is an all new electric toothbrush from Philips which can be recharged in a glass cup! Besides that the toothbrush built for your kids comes with a training app that guides them with the right way to brush, The apps simply connects with the electric toothbrush via Bluetooth and syncs data and gives effective brushing techniques.


    The Kohler Numi toilet is one of the coolest bathroom gadgets available. It is one of those toilets which automatically raise and close your seat as well as warm your bum and your toes. Besides that, it has a self-cleaning bidget that has adjustable water temperature and pressure control. There is also ambient lighting in seven colours.


    Mopping your bathroom after a shower is one of those tedious work which you really do without. Hence consumer robots maker iRobot has come up with a solution. Dubbed the iRobot Braava, the 380ft floor mopper is an expert at cleaning every little inch of your bathroom. Well, its priced quite low too.


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