These Google Employees Live In Parking Lots! The reason behind this, will shock you!

    Imagine that you had to live in the parking lot of your office for a year or even a month, then how would you feel? Well, what you can't even think of, employees at Google are already doing it.

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    Though it might sound horrible or sad but the truth is quite interesting & even a little exciting. Google is one of the most highly reputed company in the world and its employees are highly paid as well. Then why do these employees are living in the parking lot? Let's find out...


    Once a Google employee named Ben Discoe lived at the Google campus for 13 months (October 2011 to November 2012) because the rent in South Bay area was too high. And since he had a house payment and alimony to pay, so he couldn't afford to rent a house anyway.

    The security did check up on him when he started living on the campus but then let him stay; after all he was a Googler.


    Another Google employee Brandon Oxendine lived in a Google parking lot from June 28 to September 22, 2013. He chose to live in the parking lot because according to him 20s is the time to save some money and attain financial freedom. So, he purchased a Volvo station wagon, decked it up with IKEA twin mattresses and put up some curtains on the windows.

    He was too greeted by about 10 security personnel one night, but after showing them his corporate badge and even offering to move the truck, they apologized for waking him and even said that he had a "sweet setup."

    It is also said that one Google employee lived on the campus in a tent-like camper and in 2-3 years, he had saved up enough to buy a house. Cool!



    It was a dare that got Matthew J Weaver started living in a Google parking lot.

    Weaver said that he would even hold parties in his RV on Thursdays if the weather was all clear. And according to the Fox News report, the security team even kept an eye on his mobile home while he was away.

    The only downside to it was that, he had difficulties in trying to explain it to the women he was dating that as to why he is living in a parking lot.


    Some employees even went a step further from parking lots to actually sleeping under their own desk. A Google employee who had shifted from the Mountain View headquarters to the London office, could not find a place to stay in the new city. So he decided to stay at the office until he could find a suitable permanent residence.

    However, the duration of his stay at the office lasted for only a week.


    Living at the Google office is actually pretty convenient, thanks to a number of perks provided by the company. First Google provides its employees with free meals three times a day. Plus Google also provides free gym memberships and a 24x7 entry in the Google office. So everything from showers or restrooms, food and electricity are all easily accessible by employees at any time. They even have a laundry service and dedicated nap areas for the employees.

    Also another advantage of living at the office is that you save a lot of time on the otherwise long hours of commute in the traffic.

    So no rent, free food, free electricity and a fat pay cheque at the end of the month, what more do you want!



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