7 Signs Of Having Digital Amnesia Due To Excessive Addiction Towards And Internet

    We all love to check out the latest in tech and get our hands on those cool gadgets. But how much time & energy are we putting into these habits and more importantly how much are we relying on these things? If your answer is too much, then my friend you may be suffering from what they say 'Digital Amnesia'. So here are some signs that prove you have Digital Amnesia due to excessive addiction towards gadgets and internet.

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    You suck at Face-to-Face Interaction

    Since the only way you interact with people is through social media networks, when the time comes for you to step out in the real world and speak, you feel hesitant. This is due to lack of confidence that arises through lack of knowledge.

    7 Signs Of The Dreadful Digital Amnesia
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    You are being Less Productive

    Too much of something is not good especially for productivity reasons. As all your time and energy is already consumed by the internet or gadgets, there is not much juice left in your physical battery. This results in forgetfulness, missing the deadlines and constantly being distracted, hence neglecting important things & even relationships.

    7 Signs Of The Dreadful Digital Amnesia

    You are Tied to Technology

    You just can't live without technology, internet is like the air you breathe and all your gadgets are like the food you eat. Going to a place that has no cellular & internet network scares the hell out of you. That is why you only visit those places that have a free Wi-Fi network.

    7 Signs Of The Dreadful Digital Amnesia

    You store things on your Mobile not Brain

    Today people store every little information on their mobile phones like email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, birthdates, meeting timings, to-do-list and even bank details (Which is not safe by the way). This habit of storing everything on your mobile hinders with our ability to memorise things and can even affect our cognitive capabilities in the long run.

    7 Signs Of The Dreadful Digital Amnesia

    All your Roads Lead to Google

    Anything that you want to know, anywhere that you want to go, the first person you ask is Google. So whether it is about your studies, your car or even a relationship, you don't try to figure out on your own or seek advice from friends & family. But instead you instantly go online and checkout the top ten results. And then the worst part is that you might not even remember that answer or even try to memorise it because you know where to find the answer if needed next time.

    7 Signs Of The Dreadful Digital Amnesia

    You No Longer Remember Contact Numbers

    Remember how we used to memorise the contact numbers of our friends so that we can talk to them even after school. Well maybe you don't even remember that but it's important to at least know the contact details of loved ones.

    7 Signs Of The Dreadful Digital Amnesia

    You are afraid of losing data

    Since all your data is stored on your mobile or laptop, so basically it's like your entire life's footprint can be washed off if you happen to lose any of these gadgets.

    7 Signs Of The Dreadful Digital Amnesia

    How can you prevent it

    You should control technology and not let it control you. It is a part of our lives but only a part not our life, there is a difference. Avoid that urge to constantly check on notifications and updates on social media and various apps.

    7 Signs Of The Dreadful Digital Amnesia

    Use the power of internet to your advantage rather than a distraction. And never ever use it to do the famous 'Time Pass', no never. Because this 'time pass' would turn into an addiction in no time. Instead use it to learn new & valuable things.

    The 1000 friends on the Facebook cannot replace your few real friends in life, so keep that in mind and invest your time wisely.

    7 Signs Of The Dreadful Digital Amnesia

    Hope these signs work as an alert and the solutions act as the cure to this techie disorder of Digital Amnesia.


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