8 TED Talks to get your creativity juices flowing

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TED Talks are a great source for gaining inspiration from influential people all across the globe. The information and stories that these people share on TED platforms can be thought-provoking for most seeking a path in life.

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More often than not, speakers at such conferences are from a creative background and you can learn to channel their creativity by listening to their past, present and future ideas.

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To inspire your inner creativity and awaken the inspiration, we have curated some of the best TED Talks of the past decade for helping you in the creativity field.

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How I started writing songs again

A TED talk given by legendary music composer, Sting, describes how Sting got over his musician's block that lasted for several years. He kept staring at blank sheets and computer screens but the lyrics never seemed to work. After that struggle, Sting got together his ideas and finally made a comeback by getting over his empathizing nature.

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Become a now-ist

Joi Ito's famous TED talk mentions how future proofing is the best way to start working on new projects. Always focus on thinking about what impact your work could make on the public 5 or 10 years in the future. This will help you develop stuff that is timeless and isn't part of any specific trend or generation.

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Embrace the Remix

With a runtime of 10 minutes, Kirby Ferguson explained in brief how the concept of originality is pure for any field of creativity. A person is truly creative when he/she develops something that is original and unique to the world's ideas. By doing something that has never been done before, a creative strives to break barriers.

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Play This Game to Come Up With Original Ideas

Another short TED talk that happened in May 2013, this speech by Toy Designer Shimpei Takahashi focused on developing ideas through brainstorming and exercise rather than by running behind data solutions. He wants people to dream big and convert those dreams into reality.

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4 Lessons in Creativity

Back in February 2012, Radio personality and author Julie Burstein gave this TED talk talking about how her book helped her meet up with extremely creative individuals during the drafting process. She points to the fact that we end up ignoring our creative side and try to blend with the crowd. She believes there is a certain beauty in our success as well as our failure.

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Trial, Error and the God Complex

Economist and renowned author, Tim Harford, gave this TED talk in 2011 that focused on how creativity seems like a one-way road with people blinding themselves to any sort of criticism from friends and kin. Called the God complex, artists tend to create a righteous bubble around them that can be harmful for their career in the long term.

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How to build your Creative Confidence

David Kelly, the founder of IDEO, gave a TED talk in 2012 that revolved around the fact that creativity is not an inborn talent but one that comes with inspiration and perspiration. Fear is the biggest enemy that holds back our creativity and once we let go, the sky is the limit.

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Tales of creativity and play

Finally, this TED talk by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, mentions the path towards breaking out of the self-censorship phase. We all have a tendency to stop ourselves from doing things that we believe we are not capable of. The fact although is that the right atmosphere can remove all our fears.

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