9 Eco friendly gadgets you should switch to right now

    Every year we celebrate April 22 as the Earth day - a day when we show our support towards protecting nature and our planet. But does it really make sense to be celebrating the day just once in a year, when we can actually contribute to better environment and do our bit by making little changes in things we use almost everyday.

    Considering that gadgets have become an important part of our lives, we can at least go for eco-friendly gadgets to ensure that we make the best use of natural energies like solar and wind energy. We use several gadgets in our everyday life, most of which run on electricity. However, we can pick alternatives that use solar or wind energy or energy released by motion.

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    Here we have picked a few eco-friendly gadgets that can become green alternatives to other gadgets that we use on everyday basis. These products seem user-friendly and contribute to the environment, at least in some form.


    Ditch the old battery-cell based alarm clock for this Water Powered Alarm Clock. This product uses water and salt to generate an electric current to power the clock, instead of running on battery.


    Ever thought of a music player that could use the energy released while you exercise? The Dancepants Kinetic Music player can do just that! This is another innovative eco-friendly product that can power itself by using the kinetic energy released while you run or dance or exercise. It lets the music keep playing while you workout.


    Wank Band is smart wearable by an x-rated site Pornhub, which describes it as ‘The wearable tech that allows you to love the planet, by loving yourself'. It lets a user charge the phone using the kinetic energy, instead of using the conventional medium. The wrist accessory gets charged when a user moves his/her hand in up and down motion. Don't think dirty as you can use it while playing tennis or cleaning a table as well!


    The rocking chair is capable of generating power to light a lamp attached to it, using the rocking motion due to rocking the chair back and forth. Now that's easy and quite interesting. Hats off to Rochus Jacob for creating this simple yet brilliant rocking chair!


    This Earth Day, replace your old mouse with the Leaf mouse to make your desk eco-friendly. If you are wondering what is extra ordinary about this product, well, this leaf shaped mouse uses kinetic energy generated while you move it around an converts it to power to function.


    The handgrip iPhone recharger is another good product that can transform kinetic energy in to power. All you have to do is to swing the power charger to generate power for recharging your iPhone's battery.


    Stepping out in Sun! Take this cap along to keep cool. This hat with a fan is a green alterative especially for summers. The solar powered hat uses solar-energy to power the fan in it.


    You can replace your smartphone charger with this Window Solar Charger that uses solar power to power up the battery of phone. All you need to do is to place the product around a window, for it to consume solar energy. Solar window charger is environment friendly as well as user friendly!


    The Sunflower Power charger is another interesting device that comes with a solar panel to transform it to power. The device can be kept in sunlight for it to absorb light and be later used for powering appliances including music-system and more.


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