9 Ways To Deal With A High Electricity Bill

Of all the diseases the mankind has been infected with, do you know which one has been the most brutally fatal? It's the one that pushes an average human into a state of temporary verbal coma and gives him financial diarrhoea.

That's right, the merciless disease is known by the name 'electricity bill'!

Here's how you can gain immunity against it - 9 ways to survive a high electricity bill:

1. Put the electricity bill down, raise your hands and beat your chest.
First things first. Mourn. Wail. Collapse to the ground.

9 Ways To Deal With A High Electricity Bill

2. Run into a wall everytime you remember leaving a switch on even when you didn't need it. Just like you invite cancer into your body by smoking n number of cigarette sticks, YOU are the reason for this high electricity bill. And obviously, now that you're needed to slash all your other expenses, you know its worth better!

9 Ways To Deal With A High Electricity Bill

3. Raise hands, ask Lord to forgive your unpardonable sin. Start doing righteous deeds: Switch every unused appliance off everytime you come across one
Be it your house, your college, your office or neighbour's house! Just go save and save power everywhere on earth. From being a corruption/pollution causing monster, regress to your roots - bring about a change (even if people starts calling you yeda).

9 Ways To Deal With A High Electricity Bill

4. Think of all the restaurants you could've ate at, all the online shopping you could've done, all paid apps you could've downloaded with the excess bill amount
Cry. It'll purge you of all your sins. Maybe go dry for a month and realise what it's like to lose a good meal to a silly, flickering light bulb in the bathroom that remained on all night because you let it!

5. Embrace the saintly life - give up luxury for a week. Bathe with cold water, forget geyser(uses up maximum amount of electricity)
Feel the pain. Feel the chills of excess spending, a tad literally.

6. Quit charging your phone night-long. Close every app after use, every day. Dare to leave home with 27% battery. Keep phone on power-saving mode!
Challenge your existence! Pass the harder tests and the easier ones will get cleared on their own.

9 Ways To Deal With A High Electricity Bill

7. Shut down your laptop after every use
Shut down, yes. Not flapping it close. Go through the laborious procedure of shutting a laptop down and switching it on after 15 minutes, basically everytime you need to use it.

9 Ways To Deal With A High Electricity Bill

8. Read about the pains Nikola Tesla took to make power free for mankind
Enlighten yourself. Get to know the pains, which that kind human went through to make electricity accessible to you, so you can freely use it (in your case, waste! Waste! Waste! it!)

9. Get up, go out, install RR Kabels everywhere in the house

At least, now do the #AkalmandThing

Lessons learnt? Go save the world and your pocket!

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