Batman vs Superman: 6 Reasons Why It Should be Called Bad vs Worst!

    If you are a comic book fan or even a curious George, chances are that you've already seen the Batman vs Superman movie, by DC Comics and Warner Bros.

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    The audience has been waiting for this movie for the past couple of years and contrary to the huge hype around it, Batman V Superman didn't quite make a debut as expected. We saw the movie for the sake of the future of cinema and here are 6 things about Batman vs Superman that ensured that the film was a disappointment. No big spoilers, of course.


    Don't panic, we aren't spoiling the big fight for you. It's just that Superman's character played second fiddle and Batman took most of the crucial screen time in the movie. Ben Affleck as Batman was clearly the one who stole most of the action scenes and Henry Cavill was seen struggling between his two identities - Clark Kent and well, an alien.


    While we understand that slow motion is a technology that a lot of action directors put to use, Zack Snyder went overboard with it and probably messed up a lot of scenes with its excessive use. The kicks, the punches, the chases, all seem fine in slo-mo for the first hour. After that, Snyder's seems to just be playing around with the editing software. You know it.


    The movie has three final battles that are all scrambled into one segment - 45 minutes of Batman giving it to Superman and vice-versa. There seems to be no respite for the viewer as you sit through a Mahabharat-esque battle sequence that never seems to hit its final climax.


    As evident already from the trailers, Batman vs Superman has a dark and gloomy setting for the entire length of the movie, something which causes fatigue easily. Adding to the fact that it is available in 3D format as well, your eyes can easily get strained as you reach the final scenes.


    The runtime for Batman vs Superman is a good 153 minutes. Much more than your average Hollywood movie, the length of BvS is a drag and gives the viewer a lot to digest in the time it stays on screen. The film needed some serious trimming and editing to make most scenes subtle, a trait that the movie doesn't possess. Clustered with too many characters and plots, Batman vs Superman gives you no time to breathe.


    Once again, Lois Lane aspires to be an award-winning journalist but soon enough director Zack Snyder gets her back to the usual Damsel in Distress scenarios frequently, making Superman look like the superhero for the sake of the holy movie plot. This time though, the role gets a bit too predictable and tedious. Feminists aren't happy, for sure.

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