Catch Your Cheating Spouse: How to Spy on His/Her Smartphone Without Getting Caught!

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These days, large number of users are engaging in the smartphone activities more often, leading to the frustation or loss of productivity. Nowadays, there are good number of software available in the market to spy others without their knowledge and their activities.

This gives you a idea of what the other user is up to and can track information regarding their call, text messages and current location of course. Moreover, there are lots of products available with distinctive options. You have to choose it wisely to make the most of it.

Today, Gizbot presents you the top 10 tips on ' How to spy his/her smartphone' without getting caught.

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Valid reason!

If you don't know the exact reason for spying, then its waste of time. For example, if your mobile got stolen, you can spy the phone with a specific app that can handle location tracking near real-time.

Don't misuse it!

Don't ever install this software in your coworker mobile phone for sake of fun. Also, don't use this software to misuse his privacy.

Install it carefully!

To maintain stealth features, check the device for icons or files after installation.

Always backup!

Some apps have the feature to backup, but most of them allow you to export data in CSV, XLS, or PDF format.

Protect your login credential

Always keep the login credentials to your subscriber control panel in a safe place.

Proactive measures!

Install the software that lets the user to triggers notifications. These could include keywords, geo locations, and calls to and from certain numbers.

Transfer data!

This will come handy, if you are spying the business smartphones. If the software exports the data in formats such as CSV or XLS, you can easily import it to Microsoft Excel and design.

Get to know about the software!

Always install the products with free trials, money back guarantees, subscriptions at low costs. You should be in the situation, where the software can be changed without any hassles.

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