Check Out the 10 Coolest Google Chrome Experiments Till Date

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Every one loves or hates Google Chrome browse, but cannot ignore it! But, Chrome remains one of the best browser. One of the main reason is the compatibility, where it is available on Windows, Linux-based OS(es), Mac OS, Android, iOS and of course Chrome OS.

Check Out the 10 Coolest Google Chrome Experiments Till Date

Also, it is fast on the most of the operating systems and Apps and Extensions available for it are so many and so useful that you don't need other things.

What is Google Chrome Experiments?

Launched in 2009, Google Chrome Experiments is an online showroom of web browser based on experiments, interactive programs, and artistic projects. As it progressed, it took the role of showcasing and experimenting latest open-source web-based technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL, Canvas, SVG, CSS, and some others.

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Today, we picked the coolest and most funniest project till date. Let's have a look at the below sliders

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Chrome World Wide Maze

Google Chrome Experiment #1

This will turn your smartphone into a controller for a game that will allow you to play on your favorite website. After you paired the phone with computer browser, pick your favorite website, which will turn into a 3D maze that you navigate with a ball by tilting your phone.

Google Gravity

Google Chrome Experiment #2

Gravity -- When something goes up, it will pull down. Google Gravity makes sure it sticks to it! When you search results on google, it stacks them one by one on top. If you shake the browser, the stacked pieces reacts to its movements

Webcam Music

Google Chrome Experiment #3

This is one of the coolest experiments you can try! Webcam Music lets you to create music, when you walk in front of computer's webcam. Users will get four rhythm in corner of the screen, and touching them activates the music.

100,00 Stars

Google Chrome Experiment #4

In Google, Data Arts team has gathered and shared the real location of some 100,000 nearby stars. You can zoom in to know more information about the stars including its name!


Google Chrome Experiment #5

This game is more or less similar to 'Maze ball games'. All you have to do is to roll the ball through a city maze and guide it to the destination by tilting the cube.


Google Chrome Experiment #6

This game was written entirely in JavaScript that combines 2D graphics with challenging puzzle.

Circle Game

Google Chrome Experiment #7

Lots of colored circle will fly across the screen from all the directions. In this game, player is a small circle controlled by the mouse. All you need to do is to eat the smaller circle to thrive, meanwhile you need to avoid larger circles.

GigaPan Time Machine

Google Chrome Experiment #8

Created by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the GigaPan Time Machine lets you travel through time and space. Also, users can zoom each pixel represents a width of 1600 feet.

Speak Colors

Google Chrome Experiment #9

In this case, it links your voice to the browser and when you speak the name of the colors, the background changes accordingly.

Super Sync sports

Google Chrome Experiment #10

This is similar to maze game, but this time the activities include running, cycling, and swimming. You pair your phone to the computer, and up to four friends can play at the same time.

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