Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Why is it a Flagship Killer

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    Coolpad Note 3 Lite, a smaller variant of the highly successful Coolpad Note 3 has continued the legacy of its elder sibling in India. Coolpad Note 3 Lite offer features beyond expectations and has attracted a lot of buyers in India.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Why is it a Flagship Killer

    The original Coolpad Note 3 was launched at an attractive price of Rs. 8,999 last year. The smaller version is budded as Coolpad Note 3 Lite and has been priced brilliantly for Rs. 6,999. Coolpad has cut down some features to make it cheaper by Rs. 1,000. The major difference between the original Note 3 and the Note 3 Lite is a bit smaller display, smaller battery and a microSD card slot.

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    This post will talk about why Coolpad Note 3 Lite is a flagship killer smartphone and what makes the Coolpad Note 3 Lite a better choice with mid-rangers such as Lenovo Vibe P1 M, Lenovo A6000 Plus, Intex Cloud Swift and Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: A compact & comfortable design

    The design of Coolpad Note 3 Lite flaunts a textured back panel, which ensured that it does not slip away from your hand. The phone looks pretty good and the golden colored rim placed on the display of the phone adds to its overall looks. The Coolpad Note 3 Lite smartphone is light in weight and fits comfortably on hand to offer good grip. Its compact size makes it pretty comfortable for a user to operate it single-handedly.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Why is it a Flagship Killer

    Compared to Lenovo Vibe P1m, the Coolpad design found very interesting. However, considering form-factor Lenovo Vibe P1m the Coolpad Note 3 Lite has a great form factor, with lightweight and comfortable to hold. Meanwhile, Intex Cloud Swift, Lenovo A6000 and the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime, the Coolpad Note 3 Lite feel premium in design and it's compact size offers a good grip in hand.

    One of the killing features of the Coolpad Note 3 Lite is its fingerprint reader. It features a rectangular fingerprint pad placed at the rear, right below the rear camera. The phone is touted to be the first budget smartphone with fingerprint recognition technology.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Why is it a Flagship Killer

    The fingerprint sensor is pretty accurate and works brilliantly, especially considering that the phone has been priced ridiculously low. It ran register up to 5 fingerprints for different apps and functions. Meanwhile, some its smartphones with the same price range such as Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime, Lenovo A600, Vibe P1m and the Intext Cloud Swift lacks the fingerprint reader. This feature makes the Coolpad Note 3 Lite a flagship killer smartphone at an affordable price.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: A quad-core CPU

    To ensure smooth performance, the Coolpad Note 3 Lite is powered by a 64-bit MediaTek MT6735 quad-core chipset with a clock speed of 1.3GHz. The 64-bit architecture of the processor ensures smooth processing of the device. The quad-core chipset and 3GB RAM are good to handle multiple apps for a great overall experience.

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    This dual-SIM smartphone also support 4G LTE and other standard connectivity options including the device also support VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) functionality. Switching between the apps and multitasking is a cool affair on this phone. Playing games with heavy graphics games did not face usual problems like heating or hanging. On the other hand, the other competitors, couldn't make up to the mark of Coolpad device.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Why is it a Flagship Killer

    In the comparison with Lenovo Vibe P1m, it is powered by a 1.0GHz CPU powered with the same MediaTek MT6735P, which is similar to the Coolpad Note 3 Lite but only has 2GB RAM. Whereas the clock speed is lesser than the Note 3 Lite. The Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime and the Lenovo A6000 both are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, paired with 2GB and 1GB of RAM respectivelly.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Camera

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite features a 13-megapixel primary camera with LED flash and a 5-megapixel front-facing selfie snapper. Coolpad has not dropped the megapixel count of rear and front camera in the Lite model. The 13-megapixel rear camera captures detailed landscapes and macros with good colour reproduction under a good natural light. The images taken with Coolpad Note 3 Lite have a great detailed sharpness even in indoor and low-light shots.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Why is it a Flagship Killer

    The camera app is clean and easy to use and has various features and modes for photography. There is also a Pro mode that lets you control the aperture, ISO level, brightness and colour settings. On the other hand, the 5-megapixel selfie shooter produces goo quality selfies. The best part is you can use the fingerprint sensor to click selfies, which makes it much easier to capture some of your great selfies. The fingerprint sensor works like a shutter release button and you just need to tap it once for clicking selfies.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Why is it a Flagship Killer

    Meanwhile, some competitors such as Lenovo A6000, Lenovo Vibe P1m and the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime features an 8-megapixel primary and 2-megapixel front-facing camera, which is very less compared to the Coolpad Note 3 Lite.

    Why Coolpad Note 3 Lite is the best choice for you!

    The Coolpad Note 3 Lite is priced at Rs. 6,999 and offers high-end specifications such as quad-core CPU, HD display, 3GB RAM, 13-megapixel camera and notably a fingerprint sensor on the back. If you are in the market for a budget phone in the range of Rs. 7,000. This phone passes the test in all departments and a good option for those who are looking for a complete package of high-end specs at a budget price.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Why is it a Flagship Killer

    The fingerprint sensor performs very well and competes with high-end flagship devices. The camera quality is good and ideally suitable for sharing clicked images on social networking sites. This phone will not fail you whole day even if you forget to carry the charger with you.

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Why is it a Flagship Killer

    In such a scenario, it can be said that Coolpad Note 3 Lite is really a master among the budget phones with 3GB RAM, fingerprint scanner and other powerful features. This is really cool device and is a deal for the price set by the company.


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