Internet of Things: Here Are 10 Products We Can See Soon

By Abhinaya

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that you may have come across when talking about smart toothbrushes or internet fridges. But, that is not all it has to do with.

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    Internet of Things: Here Are 10 Products We Can See Soon

    IoT could be a major technological revolution that turns everyday objects in a smart way. Well, it is not as complicated as it actually sounds. IoT is quite simple as it is nothing by internet connected devices that are able to collect data from passenger numbers on trains, weather and quality and length of sleep.

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    This year, many Internet of Things based devices are to hit the market. Here are some of them that you need to take a look at and these are great ones to get you connected.


    Recent research shows that concussion is and neurological issues are related to each other. Hence, to prevent concussions, in sports such as hockey and football, there is a product known as Shockbox that is handy. It is a sensor that is attached to the protective helments and it makes use of accelerometers to measure the head impact's effect. The data is sent to the smartphone of the player's coach or parent via Bluetooth and they can take critical decisions.


    The elderly people's health can be tough to track, but it difficult for them to live alone. Lively is there to help. It is a smartwatch that lets remote health monitoring possible. It tracks steps that they take and their daily activities and provides an emergency assist button as well. Sensors are placed all over the home to learn the person's habits such as opening the refrigerator. You can check their activity from the online hub.


    You can monitor your dog's health with Fitbark that is Fitbit for Dogs. You can connect to your Fitbit account and measure the acitivty and quality of sleep of the dog. This could tell you more than what a bark could.


    Under Armour, a sporstwear company has debuted a pair of game-changing running shoes. The SpeedForm Gemini 2 running shoes have builtin tracking hardware that is included in the shoes directly. This can don standard tracking such as distance, time, and split times. It also integrates with MapMyRun to provide GPS data for the runs.


    Smart Clothing from Athos is a growing range. Each garment has inbuilt sensors that measure the muscle activity with the use of electromyography. It is relayed to the Iron Man hub that can be attached to your leg or chest. The hub will send the information back to the device letting you analyze your performance.


    Amazon Dash physical branded buttons link to the products in your home. If you ran out of detergent, you can press the Dash button for Tide and the platform will reorder the product for you. You need not sign into the account, and purchase the product keying in your credit card numbers. More buttons are expected to be launched this year.


    Parrot has been making wireless devices for almost two decades. It is known for its drones. Now, it has come up with a sensor known as Flower Power that can be planted into the soil nexr to your flowers. It will sense sunlight, temperature of the air, soil moisture, and fertilizer level. Using Bluetooth, it can alert you on your smartphone and you can take care of the plant.


    The Garageio smart garage door controller can open and close your garage door using just a smartphone app. It promises to alert you if you leave the garage door open by mistake. The interesting feature is you can grant the garage door the access to different people as well.


    This project is an entertaining combination of programming, Legom and electronics. You should find the relevant information to get started. You can take some time to rediscover the love you have for Lego and build up the collection. It will improve your electronic and programming skills and give you something to play around with.


    Raspberry Pi is a low-cost and flexible computing device and it can be a DIY IoT device too. Sensors can be attached to it and the Pi 3 with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi lets more room for your components. Lately, Amazon launched the Echo Dot. Your own Amazon Echo on the Raspberry Pi can be done easily.

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