These 16 Cartoons Expose Our Smartphone and Internet Addiction

Cell phones, television, laptops or tablets are the most important possessions these days and people can just not imagine living without these.

These 16 Cartoons Expose Our Smartphone and Internet Addiction

The reason is that we depend on the gadgets and modern technology for everything such as storing phone numbers, sending and receiving emails, alarms, booking air tickets, storing memories via photos and videos, and what not.

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We have become so insane that we even tend to forget important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones as we save everything on these gadgets as reminders. Basically, we are all too dependent on the modern technology.

These 16 Cartoons Expose Our Smartphone and Internet Addiction

This dependence on technology that is gradually making us slaves of it is illustrated by the French illustrator, Jean Jullien though a slew of illustrations.

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Social media and smartphones are mistakenly interpreted as the real connection between people, thereby increasing the dependence of people on them. Check out the illustrations by Jean Jullien over here.


People spend more time on their smartphones and check their smart devices more than 150 times a day on an average.


People are way too dependent on technology that they even use their smartphones and social media when they are relaxing in the bathtub.


Apple devices are the rage for many people and they just don't stop using the same.


At a dinner, people are seen clicking photos of the food they ordered and posting on social media instead of relishing it with their loved ones!


Earlier, photos were for memories, but now selfies are for profile photos and people are getting crazy about selfies.


Still, people do attend live concerts and performances, but they just don't understand anything live as they are busy clicking photos and recording videos of the same.


This illustration will clearly show you what the smartphone and technology addiction is all about.


Technology has made everyone so insane that people repy on e-cigarettes that will deliver nicotine to help them come out of the real smoking habit.


There are many applications that will help people scan barcodes while they are shopping!


This illustration could be seen in home these days as all have more than one device to check on when they are dining together. The family bonding has literally vanished in thin air.


People are crazy about social media that they just keep chatting with their friends on these platforms. Spending time for the loved ones and meeting them in person is becoming an outdated trend.


Earlier, people read newspapers when they are having their breakfast, but now, it has gradually transformed and they read news on their tab or smartphone.


People seek enjoyment only when they gadgets and internet is banned or restricted.


Reading books at bedtime has become outdated and people use their phones to check the latest update before they sleep. So, technology and gadgets are disturbing sleep too!


People are involved in smartphones, laptops, social media and so on that they don't even sleep on time.


The QWERTY keypads have made people addicted that they are seeking it everywhere.


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