7 Must Know Tech Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

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With the increased dependence on technology, you might across many tech related issues on a daily basis. Sometimes, you might not get a fix to resolve the issue while it is very simple and easy to do.

7 Must Know Tech Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

For instance, you might often face trouble with scratches on your phone's display, CDs, or DVDs. You can find simple solutions to such tech issues with the easy and must know tech hacks.

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There are many such tech hacks that will make your life pretty easy. Take a look at 10 such tech hacks from below.

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Extend the batteries' life

You can extend the life of the batteries by just putting them in the fridge for a day before you actually use them.

Turn a glass into a speaker

If you want to amplify the sound output of your smartphone, you can simply place it into a glass. This will create a speaker like effect.

Get rid of scratches on CDs

You can get rid of scratches on the CDs or DVDs using a banana peel. Well, rub the inside of the peel on the scratches and then buff with the outside of the peel. This will render wonderful results.

Toothpaste can be very useful

You can resolve it by dabbing a bit of toothpaste that is lying in your home and rubbing it in a circular motion. Wipe the same with a soft cotton and you will get to see a noticeable change.

Your sunglasses will also turn helpful

There are different phone stands available in the market for each model. But, there is an option to use your sunglasses as your phone's stand with a simple trick as shown here.

Extend the free trial period

You might be using free trial of an antivirus program or any other software. If you want to extend the free trial period, you can do it simply by adjusting the date on your computer to an earlier date.

Use an eraser to make scratches vanish

You can get rid of that ugly scratch on your laptop or TV's LCD screen by rubbing an eraser on it until the scratch disappears.

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