These Amazing Technology Will Tempt You To Buy, But You Can't!

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We have seen thousands of different crowdfunding campaigns happening on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, from weird to useless to some real gems.

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With the advancements in the field of technology, many innovative minds are coming up with the latest technology and gadgets that can leave you in awe. We have seen many crowdfunded campaigns and have jotted down the amazing tech that you can't buy right now. Take a look at the slider below.

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Luminoodle Color and Basecamp


The Luminoodle Color and Basecamp is the most versatile color changing LED light ropes! Based on real feedback from original Luminoodle backers, they went back to the drawing board and created two new versions with the most requested features.



Using only the highest quality of beer-brewing ingredients, you'll be able to select your recipe from a library of hundreds of master recipes and user-contributed recipes and, with the push of a button, you'll have perfect beer in as little as one week. Fully customizable and community-integrated, Artbrew will change the way you both brew and experience beer for the rest of your life!



FlipFlic is the smart blinds controller that automates ordinary window blinds in seconds and with no tools. It is compact, solar-powered, and easy-to-install. FlipFlic quickly converts any horizontal or vertical blinds into a self-adjusting, light, time, and temperature-responsive smart window.

FreeBird One


SurroundFrame introduce a new standard in UAV airframe design, system performance, and safety. The FreeBird One is built with high-quality, optimized components that delivers the safest, strongest, fastest, longest flying, most weather-resistant and most customizable UAV in a single system.

The Edge Desk


The Edge Desk is a complete system, with a patented groove around the perimeter that any number of accessories can snap into. Every accessory folds flat to maintain the slim profile of The Edge, and you can decide which accessories you really need.

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